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92.27 € AKG CK31, Condenser Microphone capsule (modular), Cardioid, For GN/HM-1000, Incl. Wind guard (W30)


191.00 € AKG CK33, Condenser microphone capsule (modular), Polar pattern: Supercardioid, For GN / HM-1000, Incl. Wind guard (W30)


235.00 € Gooseneck, Length: 15 cm, For D.A.M. capsules, Integrated phantom power adapter, Programmable status LED, Incl. PS3 F Lock (lockable panel-mount), For installations, Colour: Black, Optional capsu... Loe edasi


258.00 € " AKG GN 30v, Gooseneck, 30 cm length, 3/8 ""port, Programmable status LED, Including: 3m cable, Phantom adapter and TQG intercoupling, Colour: Black"


269.00 € AKG GN 30 E, Gooseneck, 30 cm for D.A.M. capsules, Integrated phantom power adapter, Incl. table flange PS3 F-lock, Programmable status LED, H500 or H600 mounting flanges not included, Black, Opti... Loe edasi

Haun KA 200 N

235.00 € Haun KA 200 N, Condenser Capsule, Suitable for MBP preamps, Directional characteristic: Cardioid, Neutral recording range of up to 135°, Frequency range: 40 - 20,000 Hz, Max. SPL: 130 dB, Dimen... Loe edasi

Haun MBP 603

345.00 € Haun MBP 603, Modular Microphone Preamplifier, Suitable for all KA capsules, Transformerless circuit with a balanced output, Extremely low colouration and low harmonic distortion, 16 - 48 V phanto... Loe edasi

Lewitt GN35X

84.89 € Lewitt GN35X, Gooseneck, Compact and easily adjustable gooseneck made of metal, Thread for connecting S6 or S10 condenser capsule, Balanced 3-Pin XLR output, Length: 350 mm (excluding connector), ... Loe edasi

Lewitt GN35X2

122.00 € Lewitt GN35X2, Gooseneck, Compact and easily adjustable gooseneck made of metal, Greater flexibility thanks to two bending points, Thread for connecting S6 or S10 condenser capsule, Balanced 3-pin... Loe edasi

Lewitt LCT 340 CC

72.58 € Lewitt LCT 340 CC, Condenser Capsule, For Lewitt LCT 340, Directivity: Cardioid

Lewitt S10

161.00 € Lewitt S10, Microphone Capsule for All Lewitt Gooseneck Models, High gain before feedback, +48 V phantom power, Diameter: 10 mm, Length: 135 mm, Frequency range: 65 - 16000 Hz, Sensitivity: 50.5 m... Loe edasi

Neumann KK133 nx

2571.00 € Neumann KK133 nx, Microphone Capsule, Suitable for Neumann KM A output stage (Art. #388917#), Polar pattern: omnidirectional (diffuse field equalised), Frequency range: 20 – 20,000 Hz, Equiva... Loe edasi

Neumann KM A

752.00 € Neumann KM A, Analog output stage for KK capsule heads, Connector: 3-Pin XLR female, 48 V phantom power, Colour: Nickel

Neumann KM A nx

752.00 € Neumann KM A nx, Analog output stage for KK capsule heads, Connection: 3-pin. XLR female, 48V phantom power, Colour: Black

Schoeps MK 4V Cardioid

822.00 € Schoeps MK 4V Cardioid, Capacitor Microphone Capsule, For Colette/CMC series, Vertical collusion, Characteristic: Kidney, Frequency range: 40 - 20,000 Hz, Slight treble boost, 13mV/Pa, 132dB max S... Loe edasi

Schoeps MK 5

1097.00 € Schoeps MK 5, Microphone Capsule, Switchable characteristic between omnidirectional/ cardioid, 20 (40) - 20000 Hz, 133 (132) dB SPL max., Suitable for CMC 6 pre-amp, Matt grey housing

Schoeps RL 700

568.00 € Schoeps RL 700, Tube for CCM_L Compact Microphones, At the front end: Lemo socket, At the output end: Lemo plug for the existing adapter cable of the CCM_L, With a swivel joint at the front end: A... Loe edasi

Sennheiser ME34

215.00 € Sennheiser ME34, Cardioid Microphone Capsule, For goosenecks MZH 3015/3040, Frequency range: 40 - 20,000 Hz

Sennheiser ME35

202.00 € Sennheiser ME35, Supercardioid Microphone Capsule, For goosenecks MZH 3015/ 3040

Sennheiser ME36

280.00 € Sennheiser ME36, Microphone Capsule, Directional charactristic: Supercardioid / Lobar, For gooseneck microphones MZH 3015 / 3040 / 3042, Incl. MZW36 windscreen

Sennheiser ME36 W

323.00 € Sennheiser ME36 W, Condenser Microphone Capsule, For gooseneck microphones: MZH 3015 / 3040, Directional pattern: Supercardioid / Lobar, Frequency range: 40 - 20,000 Hz, Impedance: 50 Ohm, Maximum... Loe edasi

Sennheiser MZC 30

186.00 € Sennheiser MZC 30, Cable, With XLR-3 plug and 48 V phantom power, For connection to the microphone heads ME 34, ME 35, ME 36, Length: 9m, Diameter: 1.1 mm

Sennheiser MZH 3072

410.00 € Sennheiser MZH 3072, Gooseneck for ME 34/35/36, Flexible in two sections, Length: 70 cm, 3-Pin XLR connector, Colour: Black

Shure R184B

88.58 € Shure R184B, Microphone Capsule, Suitable for Shure MX 412, Polar pattern: Supercardioid, Colour: Black

Shure R185B

91.04 € Shure R185B, Microphone capsule, Suitable for Shure MX 412, Characteristics: Cardioid, Colour: Black

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