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beyerdynamic PSU15/500EU

54.45 € beyerdynamic PSU15/500EU, PSU for the S150/250/350 series, 15 VDC, 250mA

beyerdynamic SLG 900

286.00 € beyerdynamic SLG 900, NiMH accu charger with to spaces for handheld or pocket reveiver fo the Opus 900 series

beyerdynamic TPA170

13.92 € beyerdynamic TPA170, antenna for pocket transmitter TS250 (S250-receiver)

beyerdynamic Unite AP4

2570.00 € beyerdynamic Unite AP4; digital 4-channel access point; usable as transmitter (broadcast mode) or receiver with return channel; Range up to 300 m with line of sight outdoors; Integrated antennas; D... Loe edasi

beyerdynamic Unite CC-36P

2570.00 € beyerdynamic Unite CC-36P; Charging, transport and storage case with max. 36 charging stations with various functions; Button for pairing process; Status display for pairing process; Switch for “P... Loe edasi

beyerdynamic WA-ATDA 1G8

227.00 € beyerdynamic WA-ATDA 1G8, active directional antenna, frequency response 1.400 - 1.810 MHz, internal amp, dust- and water resistant (IP 53), for digital wireless system TG 500 with frequency respon... Loe edasi

beyerdynamic WA-CGI

48.28 € beyerdynamic WA-CGI, instrument cable, 4-pin Mini-XLR / 6,3 mm jack, length 80cm, suitable for beyerdynamic wireless systems as TG 100

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