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AKG RMU 40 Mini

59.29 € AKG RMU 40 Mini, 19" rackmount kit for 1, 2 or 3 receiver of the WMS Mini Series on 1 U

AKG RMU 40 Pro

47.19 € AKG RMU 40 Pro - 19" rack kit for 1 or 2 SR45, SR40 Pro, SR40 Pro Flexx, SR470, SR100, DMS100, DMS300, DSR70DR or SR400/420/450, incl. screws

AKG RMU 4x Pro

78.66 € AKG RMU 4x Pro, 19" rackmountkit for 1 receiver SR420/SR450/SR470, incl. antenna cable and all necessary accessories

LD Systems U300 RK

35.09 € LD Systems U300 RK, rack mount kit for U300 series receiver, powder Coated steel, colour black, screws and caps included

LD Systems U500 RK

54.45 € LD Systems U500 RK, Rackmount Kit suitable for U500 Single receiver, incl. antennankit

LD Systems U500 RK 2

54.45 € LD Systems U500 RK 2, Rackmount Kit suitable for 2 U300 / U500 Single receiver on 1U

LD Systems WS 100 Rack Kit

47.19 € LD Systems WS 100 Rack Kit - for one WS100. Includes 2x 50cm BNC cable, can be used to fit 1x LDWS 1000 recievers in a 19" 1 Unit rack space

Line6 Rackear Long XD-V 70/75

8.35 € Line6 Rackear Long XD-V 70/75, long rack ear suitable for XD-V 70 and XD-V 75 receiver

Millenium SGA3

35.09 € Millenium SGA3, Rack Kit for 1 or 2 Sennheiser G3/G4 devices

Sennheiser D1 GA4

59.29 € Sennheiser D1 GA4, rackmount Set for EM D1 receiver, comprising Rackmount and antenna mount

Sennheiser GA1-XSW2

58.08 € Sennheiser GA1-XSW2, Rackkit for XSW2 Series, for one or two EM-XSW2 receiver, 1 U/19" racks

Sennheiser GA3

58.08 € Sennheiser GA3 - rack kit for one or two G3/G4 series device s.

Shure UA506 ULX-Series

59.29 € Shure UA506 ULX-Series, rackmount kit for 1x ULX-S4-Receiver, as well for P4M, P4T, DFR11EQ5, DP11EQ, SCM262 or SCM268.

Shure UA507 ULX-Series

56.87 € Shure UA507 ULX-Series, rackmount kit for 2x ULX-S4-Receiver

the t.bone free solo duo Rackmount

21.66 € the t.bone free solo duo Rackmount, Rackmount for 2 free solo receiver to built in a rack on 1U, set consists of 2x side untis and 2x mid units, incl. screws

the t.bone GigA Pro Dual Rackmount

11.98 € the t.bone GigA Pro Dual Rackmount, Rack kit for attaching two GigA Pro receivers or the t.bone IEM D2.4 to 1U, Colour: Black

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