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AKG CU 400

324.00 € AKG CU 400, Quick Charging Station, For WMS 420/450/470 transmitters, 2 Load compartments for hand or pocket transmitters, Includes 2 x battery AA and power supply@+@+*Note:* not suitable for WMS ... Loe edasi

AKG WMS Power Supply

54.45 € " AKG WMS Power Supply, Plug Power Supply, Secondary voltage: 12 V DC, Power 300 mA, Suitable for WMS receivers of series 40, 50, 51, 60, 80, 81, 300, Polarity: ""+"" inside"

Albrecht ATR/ATT400 USB Ladegerät

8.35 € Albrecht ATR/ATT400 USB Ladegerät, USB Charger, USB charging cable for use with Albrecht ATR 400 / ATT 400 Tourist-Guide devices, Colour: Black

Audio-Technica Power Supply PS3

24.08 € Audio-Technica Power Supply PS3, Power adapter, For the Audio Technica ATW 1400 series, eg ATW1452, 3110

beyerdynamic PSU15/500EU

59.29 € beyerdynamic PSU15/500EU, Plug-in Power Supply, For S150/250/350 series receivers, 15 - 16 Volt DC, 200 mA

Hollyland Solidcom C1 (Pro) Battery

24.08 € Hollyland Solidcom C1 (Pro) Battery - Lithium-polymer battery for Solidcom C1 PRO and Solidcom C1

LD Systems Power Supply LDWS 1000 R2 PS

26.62 € LD Systems Power Supply LDWS 1000 R2 PS, Power Supply, For dual receiver 1000 mA, LDWS 1000 BPH

Millenium NT-X

83.50 € " Millenium NT-X, Universal Power Supply, For up to 5 wireless receivers, 5x 12V DC Out, 4A, 2x BNC In / Out, USB charging lead 5V 850 mA, Robust 9.5"" 1 U metal housing, Rackkit #366289# not inclu... Loe edasi

Rode RS-1

119.00 € Rode RS-1, Double Charging Station, Fits Rode TX-M2 handheld transmitter and Rode LB-1 rechargeable batteries, Allows simultaneous charging of two TX-M2 handheld transmitters or two LB-1 batteries... Loe edasi

Rode Wireless GO II Charge Case

95.60 € Rode Wireless GO II Charge Case, Charging Case, For simultaneous charging of the three Wireless GO II modules, Slots for 2x transmitter (TX) and 1x receiver (RX), Battery capacity: 4.200 mAh, Allo... Loe edasi

Sennheiser Adapter Set NT 12-5 CW+

11.98 € Sennheiser Adapter Set NT 12-5 CW+, Complete Plug Adapter Set, For Sennheiser ew-D EM receiver

Sennheiser BA 30

83.50 € Sennheiser BA 30, Battery Pack, For evolution wireless D1 SK Bodypack, SpeechLine Digital Wireless SL Bodypack DW and AVX SK bodypack transmitter, 3.7 V output voltage, Capacity: 2030 mAh

Sennheiser BA 60

152.00 € Sennheiser BA 60, Battery Pack, For Sennheiser SKM 6000/9000, Lithium ion battery, 1600 mAh, 3.7 V

Sennheiser BA 61

148.00 € Sennheiser BA 61, Battery pack, For SK 9000/6000 Lithium Ion, Capacity: 2030 mAh

Sennheiser BA 62

158.00 € Sennheiser BA 62, Battery Pack, For Sennheiser SK6212, Lithium Ion, Can be charged with the L 6000 charger via the LM 6062 charging module (not included), Capacity: 1180 mAh, Output voltage: 3.8 V... Loe edasi

Sennheiser BA 70

59.29 € Sennheiser BA 70 - rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for EW-D SK and SKM-S transmitters

Sennheiser CHG 2 EU Charger

232.00 € Sennheiser D1 CHG 2 EU Charger, Battery Charger, With 2 charging slots, Suitable for SK/SKM D1, SK/SKM AVX, SL DW,BA 10 and BA 30, Includes power supply unit (NT 12-4C)

Sennheiser CHG 70N + PSU Kit

382.00 € Sennheiser CHG 70N + PSU Kit; network-compatible charging set incl. 2-fold charger CHG 70N and NT12-35 Power Supply; CHG 70N: network enabled charger featuring two individual charging bays; for ch... Loe edasi

Sennheiser CHG 70N Charger

329.00 € Sennheiser CHG 70N Charger; network enabled charger featuring two individual charging bays; for charging up to two handheld and/or bodypack transmitters of the Sennheiser EW-DX series; charging ti... Loe edasi

Sennheiser CHG 70N Charger Bundle

335.00 € Sennheiser CHG 70N Charger Bundle, Bundle offer comprising: , Sennheiser CHG 70N Charger, Thomann NT 1215

Sennheiser CHG-1-KIT

324.00 € Sennheiser CHG-1-KIT, Battery Charging Kit@+*Set consists of:*@+@+, 1x L 2015 charger, 1x NT 1-1 power supply, 1x LA 2 charging adapter, 2x BA 2015 battery packs

Sennheiser D1 BA 10

83.50 € Sennheiser D1 BA 10, Battery pack for SKM D1 handheld transmitter, 3.6 V output voltage

Sennheiser DC 2

95.60 € Sennheiser DC 2, Power Adapter6 - 18 V DC external power supply adapter for the pocket transmitter and camera receiver from the Evolution Wireless series. The adapter is inserted into the battery ... Loe edasi

Sennheiser EW-D Charging Set

173.00 € Sennheiser EW-D Charging Set, Battery Charging Set, For ew-D SK and SKM-S transmitters, Contains 1x USB charger L 70, 2x battery packs BA 70 and 1x power supply unit NT 5-20 UCW@+@+*Note on dispos... Loe edasi

Sennheiser EW-D Power Distribution Cable

22.99 € Sennheiser EW-D Power Distribution Cable, Distribution Cable, For simultaneous charging of up to 4 Sennheiser EW-DX EM2/EM2 Dante

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