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API Audio Rack Ears 500-6B

131.00 € API Audio Rack Ears 500-6B, Rack Bracket, For 6-Slot Lunchbox 500-6B (old version)@+*Note:* Not suitable for Lunchbox HC.

API Audio Rack Ears 500-6B/8B HC

120.00 € API Audio Rack Ears 500-6B/8B Lunchbox, Rack Bracket, For 6-Slot Lunchbox 500-6B/8B as well as 8B

Chandler Limited PSU Cable

120.00 € Chandler Limited PSU Cable, Connection Cable, For modular PSU, Plug 4-pin XLR

Chandler Limited PSU-1

590.00 € Chandler Limited PSU-1, Power Adapter, For max. 2 channels Abbey Road and Neve Editon, Cable not included (Art. #235927#)

Conductive Labs MRCC 2U Rack

47.19 € " Conductive Labs MRCC 2U Rack, Rack Ears, For Conductive Labs MRCC (art. #535428#), 19"" / 2U"

Crumar TLBS-02

89.55 € Crumar TLBS-02, Bracket Set, Suitable for Crumar Seven stage piano, Bracket set to place another instrument securely on the Crumar Seven, With a padded support surface to prevent damage to the sup... Loe edasi


83.50 € DBX ZC-2, Remote Control, DBX DriveRack 260, 220i and ZonePro, Volume control and mute switch, Connection via Cat 5 cable

Drawmer MCB Rackmount

173.00 € Drawmer MCB Rackmount, Rack Mount, Suitable for Drawer MC2.1 and MC1.1

Empirical Labs EL-FTC

281.00 € Empirical Labs EL-FTC, Threshold Controller, Suitable for Empirical Labs EL7C Fatso (art. #350378#), Allows for setting the compressor threshold for both channels after connection to the sidechain... Loe edasi

Neve 1081 3U Horizontal Rack

3085.00 € Neve 1081 3U Horizontal Rack, 2-Slot Rack for AMS Neve Classic Modules, For AMS Neve Classic, 1081 modules, Switch for +24/+48 V phantom power on front panel, Output level can be adjusted on the f... Loe edasi

Palmer Peabi

83.50 € Palmer Peabi, Balanced Line Input Foot Switch, 2 XLR inputs, 1 XLR output, Large foot switch for switching, Channel A 0 / -15 dB switchable, Channel B 0 / -15 dB and 0 / -6 dB switchable, Gnd / Li... Loe edasi

Presonus AR12-Rack Ear

22.99 € Presonus AR12-Rack Ear, Rack extension, For StudioLive AR12 / AR12c mixer

Presonus AR8 Rack Ear Mounting Kit

22.99 € Presonus AR8 Rack Ear Mounting Kit, Rack Adapter Set, For Presonus StudioLive AR8, 7 U rack ears, Material: Steel

Presonus NSB 8.8-Rack Kit

115.00 € Presonus NSB 8.8-Rack Kit, Rack kit, For the Presonus NSB 8.8 stagebox, With two blanking plates, One panel with two Ethernet sockets

Presonus NSB16.8-Rack Kit

120.00 € Presonus NSB16.8-Rack Kit, Rack Kit, For Presonus NSB16.8, Two blanking plates, One panel with two Ethernet sockets

Presonus SL 1602 Rackears

59.29 € Presonus SL 1602 Rackears, Rack Adapter, 16.0.2, For Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Digital Mixer

Presonus SLMAD-Rack

66.55 € " Presonus SLMAD-Rack, Rack Adapter Set for StudioLive Series III and S- series, For StudioLive 16 and studio live32 SC, Suitable for 19"" racks, Replaces the original side panels, 6 U steel rack m... Loe edasi

Radial Engineering j-Clamp

78.66 € Radial Engineering j-Clamp, Screw-Casing for Radial Standard DI Boxes, For fixed mounting, Fits eg J48, JDX, Twin Iso

Radial Engineering P-Clamp

83.50 € Radial Engineering P-Clamp, Screwable Housing, For small Radial DI boxes such as Pro48

RME "Rackear 9.5"""

35.09 € " RME Rackear 9.5"", Rack ear, For 9.5"" RME units with blue front panel, For RME Quadmic II, 1 U, Price per unit"

RME RM19-II Rackmount Kit

54.45 € " RME RM19-II Rackmount Kit, 19"" Rack Ears@+*Compatible with the following RME products:*@+@+, Multiface 2, Fireface 400, Fireface UC, Fireface UCX, Fireface UCX II, QuadMic 2, MADIface XT, ADI-2,... Loe edasi

Rosendahl MIF4 Brackets

57.60 € Rosendahl MIF4 Brackets, Rack ears, For Rosendahl MIF4, Incl. Screws

TC-Helicon VoiceTone Singles Connection

59.29 € TC-Helicon Voice Tone Single Connection, Connection Set, For up to 4 TC-Helicon pedals@+*Set consists of:* @+@+, 12 V power supply (1000 mA), 3 Dock adapter for series connection, 3 x 20 cm XLR ca... Loe edasi

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