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Behringer FX2000 3D FX Processor

182.00 € Behringer FX2000 3D FX Processor, 3D Effect Processor, 71 New algorithms, including real studio-quality stereo and 3D effects, Modulation, Dynamic, psychoacoustic and EQ algorithms, Authentic ampl... Loe edasi

Bricasti Design M7

5207.00 € " Bricasti Design M7, Stereo Reverb Processor, 100 Hall Presets, The true stereo reverb processor, 12 Program parameters, 100 User registers, 4 ""Front panel favourites"", MIDI I/O, AES 24-Bit digi... Loe edasi

Eventide H9000

8365.00 € Eventide H9000 , Multi-Effect Processor, 4 Quad-core ARM processors - 16 DSPs, 1600 Algorithms, Complex effect chains can be created, Big colour display, 8 Adjustable LED meters, 16-Channel USB au... Loe edasi

Eventide H9000R

7110.00 € Eventide H9000R, Multi-Effect Processor, Without controls and display - completely programmable via Eventide remote software, Four quad-core ARM processors (16 DSPs), 1600 Algorithms, Complex effe... Loe edasi

freqport FT-1 freqtube

1045.00 € freqport FT-1 freqtube, Hardware-based tube processor plug-in, Multiple analogue processors allow simultaneous processing of more than one audio signal, 32 Bit / up to 192kHz, 4 Built-in tubes: 2 ... Loe edasi

Klark Teknik 3rd Dimension BBD-320

206.00 € " Klark Teknik 3rd Dimension BBD-320, Analogue Multi-Dimensional Signal Processor, With BBD technology, Legendary Analogue Spatial Sound Processor, Authentic reproduction of the original analogue c... Loe edasi

Lexicon PCM92

2551.00 € " Lexicon PCM92, Multi-Effect, Professional hall effect device for studio and live application, based on the PCM96, 28 Different reverb, delay and modulation effects, HiQnet remote control, Sample ... Loe edasi

Lexicon PCM96 Surround D

5218.00 € " Lexicon PCM96 Surround D, Professional Surround Processor, New and legendary reverb and effect algorithms, Up to 24bit / 96khz, FireWire audio streaming for six channels, ""Hardware Plug-In"" for... Loe edasi

MOD Dwarf

547.00 € " MOD Dwarf, Audio and MIDI Processor, Individually configurable multi-effects unit/player for virtual instruments, Includes effects, amp simulations, synthesiser, looper, sequencer and more, Inter... Loe edasi

Tegeler Raumzeitmaschine

2822.00 € " Tegeler Raumzeitmaschine, Tube Reverb Unit, Combination of digital and analog components, Integrated DSP, Via DAW plug-in (AU, AAX, VST) remotely controllable via servo motor pots, Two double tri... Loe edasi

Vermona Retroverb Lancet

609.00 € Vermona Retroverb Lancet, Electromechanical effects device@+With Overdrive, Filter, VCA, Envelope and LFO - not only the sound of the spring reverb can be manipulated, but also different effects a... Loe edasi

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