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Crane Song Ibis

5855.00 € " Crane Song Ibis, Stereo / Dual Mono Equalizer, 4 Bands and lowcut per channel, Colour feature, Inputs / outputs: Balanced XLR, Format: 19"" / 2 HE"

Elysia museq

4693.00 € " Elysia museq, Two-channel Equalizer, 100% Discrete Class-A technology, Active filter stages without coupling capacitors, A total of 2 x 5 bands, 2 x 3 Semiparametric bands, Switchable filter qual... Loe edasi

Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition

2090.00 € " Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition, Analogue Stereo 4-Band Equaliser, Precise control range of +/-5 dB for all 4 bands, True stereo link, Class-A topology, Detented potentiometers, High-low shelf b... Loe edasi

Elysia xfilter qube

1016.00 € Elysia xfilter qube, Portable Stereo Equaliser, 100% Class-A topology, True stereo link, High- and low-shelf filters, Resonant high and low pass filters, Two parametric mids with switchable Q, Add... Loe edasi

Golden Age Audio Project EQ-81 MKIII

463.00 € " Golden Age Audio Project EQ-81 MKIII, Analogue Equalizer, 4-Band EQ based on the EQ section of the classic 1081, Adjustable frequencies between 33 and 15000 Hz, Stepped frequency selector switch,... Loe edasi

Heritage Audio LANG PEQ-2 Equalizer

1044.00 € " Heritage Audio LANG PEQ-2 Equalizer, 1-Channel Equalizer, Frequency range: 20 to 20,000 Hz (± 0.3 dB), Gain trimmer -12db to +16db, LF Boost: 20/30/40/60/80/120/160/240Hz, LF Cut 25/50/100/200... Loe edasi

Heritage Audio Symph EQ

1620.00 € " Heritage Audio Symph EQ, Asymptotic Shelving Equaliser for Mastering Applications, Carnhill-based, transformer-coupled balanced inputs and outputs, Class-A output stage in '73 style, Asymptotic E... Loe edasi

IGS Audio Tilt n Bands

3241.00 € " IGS Audio Tilt n Bands, Stereo Tube Mastering Equaliser, Frequency range: 20 to 40,000 Hz (+/-0.3 dB), Rotary controls for tilt, bass, mid, treble and trim, Frequency selection switch for bass (5... Loe edasi

IGS Audio Tilt n Bands B-Stock

2613.00 € " B-Stock, IGS Audio Tilt n Bands; stereo tube mastering equalizer; frequency range: 20 Hz to 40 kHz (+/-0.3 dB); rotary controls for tilt, bass, mid, treble and trim, frequency selector switches f... Loe edasi

Klark Teknik EQP-KT

316.00 € Klark Teknik EQP-KT, Single-Channel 2-Band Tubes EQ, Class A, High-quality selection of 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes, Custom MIDAS input and output converters, Switchable frequency selection with up to 7... Loe edasi

Manley Massive Passive XXV

7800.00 € Manley Massive Passive XXV, Stereo EQ, Limited Anniversary Edition with cobalt blue front panel with Anniversary laser engraving, 4 Bands per channel, Circuit completely passive, Overlapping frequ... Loe edasi

Rolls RPQ 160b

399.00 € Rolls RPQ 160b, Equaliser, 160 Parametric EQ, 4 Band parametric equaliser, +/- 15 dB Reduction filter and Q filter, Input/Output XLR, TRS and RCA

Tube-Tech ME 1B Midrange Equalizer

3136.00 € " Tube-Tech ME 1B Midrange Equalizer, Tube equalizer, Passive, all-tube midrange EQ based on the legendary Pultech MEQ5, Weight: 3.8 kg, Dimensions: 19"" / 2U"

Tube-Tech PE 1C B-Stock

2770.00 € " B-Stock, Tube-Tech PE 1C, dualband Tube parametric Pultec-like equalizer, clickless bybass switch, push-pull type tube gain stage, dimensions: 19"" / 3U, B-Stock with full warranty, may have slig... Loe edasi

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