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EQ Acoustics - QR Diffuser 2-set

EQ Acoustics - QR Diffuser 2-set
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EQ Acoustics QR Diffuser - 2 piece set, sound diffuser, formed from a subtly textured impact-resistant plastic. Effective diffusion spreads sound reflections around a room resulting in a feeling of spaciousness with fewer acoustical problems such as flutter echo. In a control room, monitors will become more accurate with a larger sweet spot. In a recording room, your sound will become more natural without the loss of energy common to rooms with too much high-frequency absorption. Acoustic Performance: Diffuser type: Schroeder Quadratic Residue Diffuser (Prime 7), Diffusion frequencies: 1955Hz – 6370Hz, Scattering frequencies: 977Hz – 1955Hz, Minimum distance to listener: 52cm, Uses: Recording Studios, Control Rooms, Live Rooms, Voice Over Rooms, Live Performance Spaces, Product Specifications: Dimensions (single unit): 575mm x 575mm x 50mm, Composition: High Impact Thermoplastic (HIPS), Fire Rating: UL94: HB, Fixing method: Adhesive / Screws / EQ FlexiFit (fixings not included), Set Contains 2 single units, Colour: Black (textured finish)

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