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Artec SE-SWB A/B Box

31.46 € Artec SE-SWB A/B Box, A / B Switch BoxArtec is a relative new star in the sky for effects devices and is distinguished by solid quality and really appealing prices.@+@+ The SE-SWB A / B Box (yes t... Loe edasi

Blackstar Live Logic

193.00 € Blackstar Live Logic, Compact and versatile MIDI controller, 6-Way switch, MIDI over USB for controlling DAW, plugins and live sequencer / sampling software, Can also be used as a USB MIDI interfa... Loe edasi

BluGuitar Midi1

59.29 € BluGuitar Midi1, MIDI Adapter, To control the BluGuitar AMP1 by an external MIDI controller, Connect to the remote socket of the AMP1, This is used to call up all the AMP1 switching functions via ... Loe edasi

Boss AB-2

59.29 € Boss AB-2, 2-Way A / B switch, Optionally switches two inputs to one output or two outputs to one input, Circuit with active electronics: Noiseless switching, no influence on the switched signals ... Loe edasi

Boss ES-5 Effects Switching System

537.00 € Boss ES-5 Effects Switching System, Effect switch, Programmable switching system with 5 effect loops, Analog circuit design preserves the pure tone, Absolute freedom of the effect sequence, even p... Loe edasi

Boss ES-8 Effects Switching System

785.00 € Ashdown ABM 410H EVO IV, Programmable effects switching system, With eight loops and an additional volume loop, Analogue switch design for pure sound, Unparalleled routing flexibility with the pos... Loe edasi

Boss FS-1-WL Wireless 3-way Footsw.

129.00 € Boss FS-1-WL Wireless 3-way Footsw., Footswitch, Wireless 3-button footswitch, With midi and smart device/tablet control functions, Push buttons: Bluetooth (Instrument), Bluetooth (Smartphone/PC),... Loe edasi

Carl Martin Octa-Switch MK3

392.00 € Carl Martin Octa-Switch MK3, Switching System for Effect Devices, New layout, 8 Individually manageable loops, 8 Individually manageable channels, 8 DIP switches per channel, 8 Channel buttons, 7 ... Loe edasi

Carl Martin Octa-Switch The Strip

579.00 € " Carl Martin Octa-Switch The Strap, looper / switcher for effects pedals, 4th generation of the well-known Octa-Switch series, Very simple, purely analogue control (""what you see is what you get"... Loe edasi

Catalinbread CB Tap Tempo

95.60 € " Catalinbread CB Tap Tempo, External Foot Switch, For Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe, For controlling the tempo of delay and modulation effects or any other pedal that requires a normally open bu... Loe edasi

Electro Harmonix 22500 Foot Controller

83.50 € Electro Harmonix 22500 Foot Controller, Foot Controller, For Electro Harmonix Stereo Looper 22500 Dual, Dimensions (W x D x H): 70 x 115 x 57 mm

Electro Harmonix 45000 Foot Controller

142.00 € Electro Harmonix 45000 Foot Controller, Foot Switch, For Electro Harmonix 45000 Multi-Track, Dimensions (W x D x H): 145 x 120 x 64 mm

Electro Harmonix Hog 2 Foot Controller

82.29 € Electro Harmonix The Hog II Remote Controller, Original Foot Switch, For The HOG II Guitar Synthesizer, Dimensions (WxDxH): 70 x 115 x 57 mm

Electro Harmonix Super Switcher

455.00 € Electro Harmonix Super Switcher, Programmable Pedal Looper / Switcher, 8 FX loops (6 mono and 2 stereo), 128 Presets, Tap foot-switch adjusts the BPM, Can be configured to send/receive MIDI clock ... Loe edasi

Electro Harmonix Switchblade Plus

68.97 € Electro Harmonix Switchblade Plus, Effects Pedal for Guitar and Bass, A / B or A + B-Box, 1 Input and 2 outputs, Tuner output (can also be used for other effects), Passive operation, Measurements ... Loe edasi

Electro Harmonix Switchblade Pro DLX Switcher

162.00 € Electro Harmonix Switchblade Pro DLX Switcher, Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar, Deluxe switching box with mechanical True Bypass, soft switching, high quality and low noise buffers, volume contro... Loe edasi

Electro Harmonix Tri Parallel Mixer

173.00 € Electro Harmonix Tri Parallel Mixer, Effects pedal for electric guitar, Three separate FX loops with flexible control enable the following configurations: up to three parallel FX loops - seamless ... Loe edasi

Electro Harmonix Triple Foot Controller

54.45 € Electro Harmonix Triple Foot Controller, 3-Way Footswitch, Momentary (Unlatched) button, Enables remote control of functions in pedals equipped with an external foot switch socket, Depending on wh... Loe edasi

Eventide H9 Aux Switch Effektpedal

142.00 € Eventide H9 Aux Switch Effektpedal, Effect Pedal, Auxiliary switch for the H9, Hand-crafted, Offers additional control options, Controls e.g. operating mode (active/bypass), preset change, tap tem... Loe edasi

Fairfield Circuitry Hors d'Oeuvre Act. Feedb. Loop

275.00 € Fairfield Circuitry Hors d'Oeuvre Act. Feedb. Loop , Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar, Active Feedback Looper, Expands the possibilities of already used effect pedals, To create positive and negat... Loe edasi

Fishman AFX Mini Blender, A/B/Y, DI

131.00 € Fishman AFX Mini Blender, A/B/Y, DI, Effect Pedal for Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Ultimate A/B/Y pedal that combines the most important tools, A/B pedal with adjustable level, built-in DI out... Loe edasi

Fortin Roach

158.00 € Fortin Roach, Effect pedal for electric guitar, 3-Way splitter, Input: 6.3 mm Jack, 3 Outputs: 6.3 mm Jack, Mains adapter connection: Hollow plug socket 5.5 x 2.1 mm, minus pole inside, Current co... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Custom Line Dual Loop Switch

47.19 € Harley Benton Custom Line Dual Loop Switch, Signal Switch for Electric Guitar, Bass & Keyboard, Boutique style switch with 2 independent true bypass circuits for managing multiple signal paths... Loe edasi

Harley Benton FXL8 Pro

193.00 € Harley Benton FXL8 Pro, Multifunctional Floor Pedal, MIDI functions: Program changes and control changes, 2 Switches - e.g. for channel switching, 8x Effect loopers for single effect units, 8 Bank... Loe edasi

Harley Benton MiniStomp Intersection

24.08 € Harley Benton MiniStomp Intersection; pedal for electric guitar, smart ABY-box, solid metal chassis, signal flows from A or B or A+B to Y or from Y to A or B or A+B, Jack input & output, red/y... Loe edasi

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