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Lehle 1@3 SGoS

202.00 € Lehle 1@3 SGoS Switcher - true-bypass switcher, routes the incoming signal to up to 3 outputs (e.g. amps, tuner, effects). When the signal is routed only to one output, the ground is connected to t... Loe edasi

Lehle 3@1 SGoS

197.00 € Lehle 3@1 SGoS Switcher, effects pedal, permits stereo switching via gold-plated relays, between up to 3 different instruments, The signal is routed without any loss from Inputs A B or C to Outputs... Loe edasi

Lehle D.Loop SGoS

264.00 € Lehle D.Loop SGoS Effect Looper/Switcher - fully programmable with 2x independent true-bypass loops via gold-plated relays, switchable high-end buffer amp with adjustable gain (up to +12db), full s... Loe edasi

Lehle Dual SGoS

257.00 € Lehle Dual SGoS Switcher - sends the signal via gold-plated relays to outputs A, B or T. Outputs A and B can feed two different amps simultaneously since the signal paths are electrically isolated ... Loe edasi

Lehle Little Dual II

221.00 € Lehle Little Dual II; Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar & Bass; ABY-Switcher (A or B or both), hum- and loss-free switching, high-impedance Lehle Transformer HZ, with phase and ground switch, t... Loe edasi

Lehle Little Lehle III

141.00 € Lehle Little Lehle III; universal tool for switching and looping; applications: quickly take effect pedals out of the signal path, pick up a signal at any point in the signal chain, e.g. to switch ... Loe edasi

Lehle P-Split III

152.00 € Lehle P-Split III; Splitter, DI box and problem solver; high-impedance Lehle Transformer HZ with phase and ground switch; can be used unbalanced or balanced; passive - does not require a power supp... Loe edasi

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