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Harley Benton StompControl-4 ISO

95.60 € Harley Benton StompControl-4 ISO, programmable loop switcher with integrated isolated multiple power supply, 4-loop prog rammable switcher, 4 patches, 5 banks, 20 presets, tuner out , on/off switch... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Tap Tempo Switch

18.03 € Harley Benton Tap Tempo Switch, external compact footswitch to control the tempo of delay and modulation effects or any other pedal requiring a standard normally-open momentary footswitch, compatib... Loe edasi

JHS Pedals Active A/B/Y

178.00 € JHS Pedals Active A/B/Y switcher / splitter, active operation, output transformer eliminates hum - no ground lift required, FET transistors for silent switching, AB footswitch, Y footswitch, status... Loe edasi

JHS Pedals Mini A/B Box

76.24 € JHS Pedals Mini A/B Box, A/B box, passive operation, A/B selector footswitch, bi-color status LED, metal housing, 6.3 mm mono IN/OUT jacks, power supply via optional 9V DC adapter (not included), 2... Loe edasi

JHS Pedals Mute Switch

75.03 € JHS Pedals Mute Switch, mute switch effects pedal, completely cuts the signal, mute footswitch, bi-color status LED, metal housing, 6.3 mm mono IN/OUT jacks, power supply via optional 9V DC adapter... Loe edasi

JHS Pedals Red Remote

50.82 € JHS Pedals Red Remote, remote footswitch for effects pedals, for remotely activating onboard toggle functions of compatible effects pedals, compatible with JHS Morning Glory V4, SuperBolt V2 and Tw... Loe edasi

JHS Pedals Switchback

173.00 € JHS Pedals Switchback, A/B / Looper switcher, usable as A/B true bypass looper, simple true bypass looper, A/B box, amp input switcher or effects loop A/B switcher, controllable by JHS Red Remote, ... Loe edasi

Lead Foot ABY

20.45 € Lead Foot ABY, AB/Y switch, 1 input alternately or simultaneously to 2 outputs, 2 inputs alternately or simultaneously to 1 output, power supply (only for LED display) by a 9V battery (Item no. 417... Loe edasi

Lehle 1@3 SGoS

202.00 € Lehle 1@3 SGoS Switcher - true-bypass switcher, routes the incoming signal to up to 3 outputs (e.g. amps, tuner, effects). When the signal is routed only to one output, the ground is connected to t... Loe edasi

Lehle 3@1 SGoS

197.00 € Lehle 3@1 SGoS Switcher, effects pedal, permits stereo switching via gold-plated relays, between up to 3 different instruments, The signal is routed without any loss from Inputs A B or C to Outputs... Loe edasi

Lehle D.Loop SGoS

264.00 € Lehle D.Loop SGoS Effect Looper/Switcher - fully programmable with 2x independent true-bypass loops via gold-plated relays, switchable high-end buffer amp with adjustable gain (up to +12db), full s... Loe edasi

Lehle Dual SGoS

257.00 € Lehle Dual SGoS Switcher - sends the signal via gold-plated relays to outputs A, B or T. Outputs A and B can feed two different amps simultaneously since the signal paths are electrically isolated ... Loe edasi

Lehle Little Dual II

221.00 € Lehle Little Dual II; Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar & Bass; ABY-Switcher (A or B or both), hum- and loss-free switching, high-impedance Lehle Transformer HZ, with phase and ground switch, t... Loe edasi

Lehle Little Lehle III

141.00 € Lehle Little Lehle III; universal tool for switching and looping; applications: quickly take effect pedals out of the signal path, pick up a signal at any point in the signal chain, e.g. to switch ... Loe edasi

Lehle P-Split III

152.00 € Lehle P-Split III; Splitter, DI box and problem solver; high-impedance Lehle Transformer HZ with phase and ground switch; can be used unbalanced or balanced; passive - does not require a power supp... Loe edasi

Markbass Evo 1 Controller

120.00 € Markbass Evo 1 Controller, 5 way switch, CH1, CH2, FX1, FX2, BOOST (mute/tuner), MIDI out, MIDI cable (6m).

Mesa Boogie Head-Track

507.00 € Mesa Boogie Head-Track Head & Effects loop Switcher, enables two amplifier Heads to be used with one set of Effects and 1x Speaker Cabinet, 1x A/B footswitch with LED, 1x remote s witch input, ... Loe edasi

Mesa Boogie Switch-Track

424.00 € Mesa Boogie Switch-Track ABY Switcher, buffered & dual isolated ABY amp switcher, 1x A/B footswitch with LED, 1x A+B/Mute footswitch with LED, ground lift switch, phase switch, 1x input, 1x tun... Loe edasi

Moen GEC5

286.00 € Moen GEC5, loop switcher; 128 presets; 5 loops, 2 fixed loops and 2 sequential loops, 1 isolated loop, midi PC#/CC# functions; each preset contain two channels of PC#/CC#, 4. midi input functions; ... Loe edasi

Moen GEC8 JR Looper/Switcher V2

217.00 € Moen GEC8 JR Looper/Switcher V2, compact, versatile pedal switcher, controls up to 8 loops and 2 AMP channels, no switching delay, true bypass relay design, 7 serial loops and 1 separate loop, two ... Loe edasi

Moen GEC9 2nd Edition

307.00 € Moen GEC9 2nd Edition, Guitar Effects Commander, fully programmable amp switcher and pedal looper, 50 presets, 6 serial and 3 separate loops, the separate loops can be used as latched switches for ... Loe edasi

Mooer AirSwitch Wireless Footswitch

56.87 € Mooer AirSwitch Wireless Footswitch Controller; wireless footswitch controller; compatible with Mooer TDL 3 - Ocean Machine an SD-30 (481850); range 5 meters; 4 footswitches; status LEDs; metal hou... Loe edasi

Mooer Micro ABY Box MKII

49.61 € Mooer Micro ABY Box MKII, AB/Y switcher and signal splitter, A/B or A&B to Y mode switch, on/off footswitch, status LED (A: red, B: blue, Y: pink), 3 in-/outputs A/B/Y, 6,3 mm mono jack, power ... Loe edasi

Mooer Pedal Controller Loop 6

155.00 € Mooer Pedal Controller Loop 6, Programmable 6 channel loop switcher, 2 modes of operation "Live" and "Play", 6 banks with up to 6 presets per bank in Play mode, 2 built in buffers, one at the front... Loe edasi

Morley ABC

136.00 € Morley ABC Pedal Box - for connecting 3 guitars to one amp or 1 guitar to 3 amps. 3 switch true bypass.

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