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Voggenreiter Das Große Buch Der Stimme +DVD

36.24 € Voggenreiter Das Große Buch Der Stimme +DVD, By Renate Braun: A working book for all singers, New singing styles and -techniques, How to perfect the voice, How to develop a unique sound, Tips on m... Loe edasi

Voggenreiter Voice Basics

12.04 € Voggenreiter Voice Basics, Deine Stimme,Dein Instrument, By Renate Braun: Your voice,Your instrument, For beginners and returners, Assistance in increasing the assertiveness and stamina as well as ... Loe edasi

Voggenreiter Voicecoaching

30.19 € Voggenreiter Voice Coaching - vocal tutor by Karin Ploog. Covers correct singing technique, breathing technique, intonation and interpretation in Pop music, includes audio CD with examples. German ... Loe edasi

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