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Annette Betz Verlag Die Moldau Musikbilderbuch

20.51 € " Annette Betz Verlag Die Moldau – Die sinfonische Dichtung von Bedrich Smetana: from the series ""Mein erstes Musikbilderbuch"", edited by Marko Simsa and Anna-Lena Kühler, for children fr... Loe edasi

Hage Musikverlag Lillis Glockenspiel-Schule

24.08 € Hage Musikverlag Lillis Glockenspiel-Schule, Course Book for Glockenspiel, By Barbara Hintermeier and Birgit Baude, For children from 4 years, Suitable for single-coloured and coloured Glockenspie... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Boomy Songs

45.38 € Helbling Verlag Boomy Songs, Songbook for Boomwhackers and Bodypercussion, 40 Songs for music lessons, In four different levels of difficulty, With tips for learning groove voices and performance,... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Musikspiele 1

31.46 € Helbling Verlag Musikspiele 1, 99 Games for Music Lessons, Music games for all ages, By Wolfgang Junge, Micaëla Grohé and Karin Müller, Games for a short break in between or for whole les... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Sim Sala Sing Das Liederbuch D

31.46 € Helbling Verlag Sim Sala Sing Das Liederbuch D, Primary School Songbook, General Edition D, Songs for singing, playing, moving and creating in the classroom, Edited by Lorenz Maierhofer and Renate... Loe edasi

LeuWa-Verlag Liederbuch zur Rhythmusklasse

13.19 € LeuWa-Verlag Liederbuch zur Rhythmusklasse, Songbook for Percussion, 43 Children's songs and folk songs arranged for Boomwhackers, Edited by Andreas Hoff, Martin Leuchtner and Bruno Waizmann, With... Loe edasi

mymusicschool Eulenbande Lesenacht Cajon

36.18 € mymusicschool Eulenbande Lesenacht Cajon, School for Cajon, Cajon school and book for children, By Christian Hanke, 1st edition, With numerous coloured illustrations for playful learning and readi... Loe edasi

Schott Mein Musik-Rätselblock

13.92 € Schott Mein Musik-Rätselblock, Music Puzzle Block, For children aged 4 and over, By Maren Blaschke, ED 22125, ISBN: 9783795709938, DIN A5, 40 Pages, In German language

Schott Mein Musikmalblock

16.34 € Schott Mein Musikmalblock, Music Colouring Pad, Creative pad for children of kindergarten age for singing, painting, handicrafts, listening and learning, By Alexandra Kuman And Maren Blaschke, ISB... Loe edasi

Schott Mein Musikmalblock 2

16.34 € Schott Mein Musikmalblock 2, Colouring and Puzzle Book, For children from 5 yearsby Maren Blaschke, ISBN 9783795724153, ISMN 9790001218009, publisher's no. ED 23509, Format: 25 x 16,5cm, 40 Pages,... Loe edasi

Schuh Verlag Nix Nax Notenspatz

17.55 € Schuh Verlag Nix Nax Notenspatz, School of Music, Workbook for the basics of music for children, By Karin Schuh, With games, puzzles, drawing and writing exercises and more, ISBN: 9783931862664, P... Loe edasi

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