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Bosse Verlag Tina & Tobi Fibel 1 Complete

14.46 € Bosse Verlag Tina & Tobi Fibel 1 Complete, Tina & Tobi, Musikfibel 1Komplett: Musical hornbook 1 complete with information for parents and badges of attendance, In German language

Doblinger Musikverlag Klassenmusizierbox Junior

24.14 € Doblinger Musikverlag Klassenmusizierbox Junior, By Fritz Höfer: 22 pieces and exercises to make music in classrooms, Singing, Rhythmical vocal percussion, Orff and percussion, Body percussion, Bo... Loe edasi

Doblinger Musikverlag Zeitreise durch die Musik

36.18 € Doblinger Musikverlag Zeitreise durch die Musik for Kinder: narratives and piano music from foreign countries and people, by Romana Obermair and Peter Brugger, a musical journey of discovery throug... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Alle Lieder sind schon da

30.13 € Helbling Verlag Alle Lieder sind schon da. 190 songs for children aged 2 to 7 years, methodical notes on each song for pedagogical specialists and parents to develop, voice formation. Hardcover. Ge... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Alle Lieder sind schon da

43.44 € Helbling Verlag Alle Lieder sind schon da, All songs are already there, handbook for the daily singing in the Kita, 500 songs to the song organization, a handbook full of tips and suggestions for a... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Boom Boom Whack

37.51 € Helbling Verlag Boom Boom Whack. Boomwhacker basics from the first school year, by Elmar Rinderer. Boom Boom Whack teaches all music teachers how to use it with the help of a variety of building ma... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Das singende Klassenzimmer

24.08 € Helbling Verlag Das singende Klassenzimmer, The singing classroom, 34 lively songs for learning and laughing for children aged 8 to 12 years, by Helmut Maschke, with easy accompaniment sentences fo... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Kinder-Klang-Kiste

30.13 € Helbling Verlag Kinder-Klang-Kiste: 140 musical building blocks around the Kita year, by Amelie Erhard,Milena Hiessl and Lena Sokoll, 140 "building blocks" for singing,moving,playing and designing,... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Musikspiele 1

27.23 € Helbling Verlag Musikspiele 1. 99 Games for music lessons, by Wolfgang Junge, Micaëla Grohé, Karin Müller. The games train perception and listening, musical expression, body coordination and the... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Musikspiele 2

27.23 € Helbling Verlag Musikspiele 2: 77 games for music lessons, by Micaëla Grohé and Wolfgang Junge, playing time from 2 to 45 minutes, for elementary,secondary or child and youth work, with numerous ... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Rhythmus aus der Schultasche

37.51 € Helbling Verlag Rhythmus aus der Schultasche: Rhythmic group and class music, by Richard Felt, with book,exercise book,paper,ruler,eraser,coins and pen, for children and adolescents of the 3rd to 7... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Sim Sala Sing Das Liederbuch

27.23 € Helbling Verlag Sim Sala Sing: Songbook for primary school, Songs to sing,play and move, Including German children's songs, By Lorenz Maierhofer und Renate und Walter Kern, Melody line,chords and l... Loe edasi

Lamp und Leute Kindergartenliederbuch

18.15 € Lamp und Leute Das Kindergartenlieder- und Geschichtenbuch: 30 well-known and popular kindergarten songs and 30 stories around the kindergarten, with numerous illustrations, with notes and chords, ... Loe edasi

Schott Liederbuch Grundschule

23.60 € Schott Liederbuch Grundschule, By Frigga Schnelle and Martin Bernhard: Songbook for German primary school, More than 250 songs from Pop,Folk,Rap,Canon to well-known and modern children's songs, Add... Loe edasi

Schott Mein Musik-Rätselblock

11.50 € Schott Mein Musik-Rätselblock, By Maren Blaschke: Puzzle block for children from 4 years, Search pictures, Combination games, Labyrinths, Musical mandalas, Musikalische Mandalas und Malrätesl, Kn... Loe edasi

Schott Musiklexikon für Kinder

29.65 € Schott Musiklexikon für Kinder – Die Welt der Musik entdecken: 250 encyclopedia articles on instruments,composers and musical terms from the fields of classical music,jazz and pop, by Monika and ... Loe edasi

Schuh Verlag Nix Nax Notenspatz

16.70 € Schuh Verlag Nix Nax Notenspatz – Musiklehre for Kinder: workbook for learning the first music theory terms, by Karin Schuh, painting and writing, games for one,two or more children, clapping and ... Loe edasi

Tunesday Records Rhythmik for Kids

12.04 € Tunesday Records Rhythmik for Kids, Rhythmik for Children from 5 years, with CD, by Jörg Sieghart, Rhythmische Klatsch-und Notenleseübungen, Ab 5 Jahren, Ideale Ergänzung/Fortsetzung zur musikal... Loe edasi

Voggenreiter Voggy's Musiklehre ABC

18.09 € Voggenreiter Voggy's Musiklehre ABC: fundamentals of music theory for children from 6 years, with puzzles and comics, reading examples based on well-known children's songs, ISBN 9783802404863, A5 l... Loe edasi

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