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Alfred Music Publishing The Singer's Coach

22.93 € Alfred Music Publishing The Singer's Coach – Der Karriereratgeber: textbook for singing, by LeeZa Nail, ISBN 9783947998081, ALF 20276G, DIN A4, 160 pages, in German language

AMA Verlag Vocal Secrets

54.33 € AMA Verlag Vocal Secrets – Das Gesangskonzept der Zukunft: textbook for singing, by Marcel Huber, ISBN 9783899222968, ISMN 9790501552511, AMA 610562, DIN A4, 140 pages, incl. online video tutorial... Loe edasi

Edition Peters Vaccai Metodo Canto Medium

13.25 € Edition Peters Metodo Pratico Di Canto Italiano Medium: exercise book for singing, by Nicola Vaccai, for medium voice, with piano accompaniment, EP 2073B, ISMN 9790014108229, A4, 40 pages

Gerig Musikverlag Powervoice

24.08 € Gerig Musikverlag Powervoice – Die praxisorientierte Methode für den Rock-/Pop-Gesang: singing school especially for rock and pop, by Andrés Balhorn, ISBN 9788872522627, HGEM 4521, A4, 104 pages... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard 15 Lessons: Voice Pop Singers

15.61 € Hal Leonard First 15 Lessons: Voice - Pop Singers' Edition: School for Singing, with exercises and 12 songs, suitable for self-study, ISBN 9781540013842, HL00254122, A4, 32 pages, incl.download to ... Loe edasi

Robert Kreutzer Stütze!!? Atemtechnik

43.56 € Robert Kreutzer Stütze!!? Atemtechnik Für Bläser,Sänger und Sprecher: exercise book on breath control for brass players,singers and speakers, by Robert Kreutzer, theoretical analysis and practi... Loe edasi

Robert Kreutzer Stütze!!? Fehlinterpretationen

43.56 € Robert Kreutzer Stütze!!? Fehlinterpretationen – Artikulation & Intonation for Bläser, Sänger und Sprecher: by Robert Kreutzer, 1st edition 2020, with new definitions & basic rules for ... Loe edasi

Schott Crashkurs Singen

19.97 € Schott Crashkurs Singen / Crash course singing: exercise book for singing, with information about posture and anatomy and functioning of the human voice, incl.DVD with video tutorials, ED22065, ISB... Loe edasi

Schott Die Kunst des Sprechens

12.09 € Schott Der kleine Hey – Die Kunst Des Sprechens: textbook on speech training, according to the urtext by Julius Hey, edited by Fritz Reusch, ED 8702, ISBN 9783795787028, A5, 104 pages, in German l... Loe edasi

Schott Warm Up Your Choir

22.39 € Schott Warm Up Your Choir: body, breathing and singing exercises for mixed choir, by Bertrand Grögerin, increasing level of difficulty, ISBN 9783795709679, ISMN 9790001160353, ED 22142, A4, 104 pa... Loe edasi

Voggenreiter Das große Buch der Stimme

36.24 € Voggenreiter Das große Buch der Stimme: workbook for singing, by Renate Braun, ISBN 9783802410345, VOGG 1034-5, DIN A4, spiral binding, 208 pages, incl. video and audio download, in German language

Wise Publications Notecracker Vocal Warm-Ups

5.97 € vocal warm-up exercises in fan shape, measures approx. 8.5 x 3 x 2.5 cm, 70 double printed sheets, ISBN 9781783053490, AM1007765, in English language

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