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Alfred Music Publishing Suzuki Cello School 1

15.67 € Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, Suzuki, Cello School Vol.1, Cello Part, Revised Edition, In English language, ISBN 978-0-8748-7479-2

Alfred Music Publishing Suzuki Cello School 2

13.25 € Alfred Music Publishing Suzuki Cello School 2: school for cello; revised edition; in English language, ISBN 978-0-8748-7481-5

Berklee Press Contemporary Cello Etudes

28.56 € Berklee Press Contemporary Cello Etudes: etudes on cello techniques of the 21st century, compiled and edited by Mike Block, ISBN 9780876391877, HL00159292, A4, 122 pages, incl.online audio material... Loe edasi

Bärenreiter Einführung in das Lagenspiel

19.97 € Bärenreiter Einführung in das Lagenspiel: 25 small exercises for violoncello, by Anna Marton, from the first to the sixt h position, in standard notation, easy to medium difficulty, ISMN 97900064... Loe edasi

Bärenreiter Saßmannshaus Anfang Cello 1

19.97 € Bärenreiter Saßmannshaus Anfang Cello 1: cello school for children from 4 years, by Egon Saßmannshaus, ISMN 9790006536542, BA 9691, A4, 64 pages, in German language

Bärenreiter Saßmannshaus Anfang Cello 2

19.97 € Bärenreiter Egon Saßmannshaus Früher Anfang auf dem Cello 2: school for violoncello, for children from approx.4 years, BA 9692, ISMN 9790006536559, A4, 64 pages

Bärenreiter Violoncello-Schule 1

32.61 € Bärenreiter Violoncello-Schule 1: cello school for beginners and advanced students up to 7th position, by Susanne Hirzel, ISBN 9790006439270, ISMN 9790006439270, BA 3741, DIN A4, in German language

Edition Peters Cello Spielen 1

25.35 € Edition Peters Cello Spielen Volume 1: School for violoncello, for adult beginners, by Julia Hecht, with many pieces, incl.piano accompaniment, EP 11057A, ISBN 9790014107765, A4, 64/12 pages, in Ge... Loe edasi

Edition Peters Dotzauer 113 Violoncello-Etüde

19.30 € Editions Peters Justus Johann Friedrich Dotzauer 113 Violoncello Etudes: Volume 1, No.1-34, edited by Johannes Klingenberg, ISMN 9790014042608, EP5956, DIN A4, 48 pages

Edition Peters Duport 21 Etüden Cello

22.93 € Edition Peters Jean-Louis Duport 21 Studies: 21 etudes for Cello, edited by Friedrich Grützmacher and Walter Schulz, ISMN 9790014011666, EP2508A, 23.2 x 30.3 cm

Schott 18 Dotzauer Progressive Cello

16.34 € Schott 18 Progressive Exercises opus 120: 18 progressive exercises for cello, by Justus Johann Friedrich Dotzauer, edited by Tobias Bonz, easy to medium level of difficulty, ISMN 9790001212465, ED ... Loe edasi

Schott 92 progressive Etüden

19.97 € Schott 92 Progressive Exercises op.60 Vol.1: Etudes No.1-57 for 1-2 violoncellos, by Friedrich August Kummer, edited by Martin Müller-Runte, in standard notation, easy level of difficulty, incl.fi... Loe edasi

Schott Cello Mit Spaß Und Hugo 1

25.41 € Schott Cello Mit Spaß Und Hugo 1- Ein neuer Weg zum Cellospiel: School for violoncello, by Renate and Gerhard Mantel, for children from 5-10 years, for individual and group lessons, ED 7815, ISBN ... Loe edasi

Schott Celloschule 1

26.62 € Schott Celloschule Vol.1: By Gabriel Koeppen, Cello spielen mit Spaß und Fantasie, A method for violoncello, For teenagers and adults, The basis for a sound technical and musical training, Pieces ... Loe edasi

Schott Celloschule 2

26.62 € Schott Celloschule 2 – Cello spielen mit Spaß und Fantasie: part 2 of the cello school, by Gabriel Koeppen, for young people and adults, ISBN 9783795799953, ISMN 9790001212656, ED 20842D, A4, 72 ... Loe edasi

Schott Celloschule 3

29.04 € Schott Celloschule 3 – Cello spielen mit Spaß und Fantasie: part 3 of the cello school, by Gabriel Koeppen, for teenagers and adults, pieces from classical and pop music, ISBN 9783795752057, ISMN... Loe edasi

Schott Dotzauer 12 Exercises

16.34 € Schott Dotzauer 12 Etudes opus 107: 12 etudes for cello, by Friedrich Dotzauer, edited by Tobias Bonz, ISMN 9790001212373, ED 23391, DIN A4, 32 pages

Schott Feuillard Tägliche Übungen

19.36 € Schott Daily Exercises by Feuillard: for cello, intermediate to advanced level of difficulty, ED 1117, ISBN 9783795795030, ISMN 9790001032605, A4, 48 pages

Schott Fit In 15 Minutes Cello

21.18 € Schott Fit In 15 Minutes Cello, By Walter Mengler: Warm-ups and essential exercises for Violoncello, Essentials, More advanced techniques, (Not quite)Everyday exercises, 44 pages, Schott ED21623, I... Loe edasi

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