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Dtronics DT-01

329.00 € Dtronics DT-01; hardware-Controller for Roland Boutique D-05 Linear Synthesizer; also compatible to Roland D-50 and D-55 0 Vintage Synthesizers; all important parameters of the Rola nd Boutique D-0... Loe edasi

Dtronics DT-200 V3

307.00 € Dtronics DT-200 V3; programmer for Roland MKS-30, JX-3P and GR-700; sends MIDI exclusive messages, which are specific commands of the respective devices; power supply by connected device; incl. 6 p... Loe edasi

Dtronics DT-300 V2

329.00 € Dtronics DT-300; Programmer for Roland MKS-50, Alpha 1 & Alpha 2; complete control over all editable parameters; switchable between MIDI-Sysex and MIDI-CC (CC-numbers can be changed); robust ho... Loe edasi

Dtronics DT-800

361.00 € Dtronics DT-800; Programmer for Roland JX8, JX10 and MKS-70; Sends MIDI Exclusive messages, which are specific commands of JX8, 10 and MKS-70; JX protocol (6pin DIN); rugged design, incl. high qual... Loe edasi

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