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Dreadbox Darkness

286.00 € Dreadbox Darkness; stereo reverb pedal; 32bit/44kHz A/D conversion for optimal sound quality; gated shimmer reverb; modulated shimmer reverb; variable pitch shift (+/-12 semitones); LFO modulation ... Loe edasi

Dreadbox Kinematic

202.00 € Dreadbox Kinematic; analogue VCA compressor/ filter pedal; 2 modes of operation: fully analogue VCA-based compressor, band boost filter; envelope filter; low-pass filter; slow envelope; post-diode ... Loe edasi

Dreadbox Komorebi

212.00 € Dreadbox Komorebi; analog chorus/flanger; bucket chain circuit (BBD); 3 LFO waveforms (ramp, triangle, saw); 3 patch points for connection to modular systems: LFO CV output, static and LFO rate CV ... Loe edasi

Dreadbox Lethargy

221.00 € Dreadbox Lethargy; Analogue phaser pedal; Fully analogue 8-stage phase shifter effect; Vintage sound based on OTA chips; 2 different LFO waves (triangle and square); Wide LFO range (from a few seco... Loe edasi

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