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Acoustic Music Baglama Saz Method

42.23 € Acoustic Music Baglama (Saz) Schule/Okulu/Method, By Erol Parlak: A systematic guitde tot he finger playing (Selpe) technique, Description of the various playing techniqes, Photo spreads for visual... Loe edasi

Cabot Books Publishing Baritone Ukulele Chord Bible

24.08 € Cabot Books Publishing The Baritone Ukulele Chord Bible: 2160 chords for baritone ukulele, for baritone ukulele in DGBE tuning, ISBN 9781906207311, A4, 110 pages, in English language

Edition Wächtler Neue Akkordzitherschule

10.89 € Edition Wächtler Neue Akkordzitherschule. School for chord- zither. ( german language)

Fingerprint Saz - Das neue Konzept

27.59 € Fingerprint Saz-The new concept with tablature, Ulas Hazar. This "Saz Handbook" provides basic knowledge on the saz and the notation for this instrument is explained in detail. With CD. German lang... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard First 50 Songs You Should Harp

28.56 € Hal Leonard First 50 Songs You Should Play On Harp: 50 songs arranged for harp, with chords, easy to medium level of difficulty, ISBN 9781540013224, HL00252721, A4, 186 pages

Hal Leonard Pachelbel Canon Harp

14.28 € Hal Leonard Pachelbel Canon Harp: Pachelbel's canon arranged for harp, by Sylvia Woods, with an easy and and a more difficult solo version in G major and D major, with a duet version for two harps ... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Teach Yourself Folk Harp

22.99 € Hal Leonard Teach Yourself Folk Harp, By Sylvia Woods: Method for Folk Hapr, A4 format, Spiral binding, 80 pages, HL00722251, ISBN 9780936661421, In English language only

Hal Leonard Wedding Music for All Harps

28.56 € Hal Leonard Hymns and Wedding Music for All Harps, by Sylvia Woods: about 50 pieces for lever harps and pedal harps, popular hymns and church music, wedding processionals and recessionals, each son... Loe edasi

Musikverlag Preissler Kleine Saitenspiel Zither 1

8.47 € Musikverlag Preissler Kleine Saitenspiel 1 Zither, Das Kleine Saitenspiel, Ein Lehrgang Für Zither, Folge 1, By Peter Suitner: Method for zither, Contents: Zur Geschichte der Zither, Das Instrumen... Loe edasi

Pankaj Publications Handbook of Sarod

11.98 € Pankaj Handbook of Sarod: handbook for sarod, by Pankaj Vishal, history,anatomy,care and playing of the instrument, ISBN 9788190613910, format 13.2 x 21.4 cm, 92 pages, in English language

Pankaj Publications Learn to Play Sitar

11.98 € Pankaj Learn To Play Sitar: method for Sitar, by Ram Avtar Vir, introduction to playing the sitar, theory,practice,exercises,tunings,playing techniques, ISBN 8187155140, format 18.2 x 23.8 cm, 95 p... Loe edasi

Schell Music Saitenklang Harfe

30.19 € Schell Music Saitenklang - Das Spiel auf der Harfe: method for diatonic folk harp, playable with small harps (starting with 19 strings), elementary and further explanations on the style of playing,... Loe edasi

Zimmermann Verlag Meine Harfe

20.57 € Zimmermann Verlag Meine Harfe, By Egbertine Korfmacher-de Vente: Beginner's method for harp, Sitting posture and handling the instrument, Easy scales for playing with one or two hands, Playing chor... Loe edasi

Vierdreiunddreissig Pizz und Batt 1 Hackbrett

18.03 € Vierdreiunddreissig Musikverlag Pizz und Batt Vol.1: School for learning playing the hammered dulcimer, by Birgit Stolzenburg, in standard notation, ISBN 9790500989042, A4, in German language

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