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TAD RT030 Tube ECC83 HG7025

25.90 € TAD RT030 Röhre 7025/E83 Highgrade, premium selected quality for the most demanding amp stages. Great warm clean tones, punchy mids and fat overdrive with smooth top end. Recommended for 1st gain ... Loe edasi

TAD RT043 Tube 12BH7A STR

22.51 € TAD RT043 Röhre 12BH7A; combines the best sonic and mechanic performance of the NOS RCA black plate with the GE version. A maximum of reliability with outrageous tonal quality makes a new balance ... Loe edasi

TAD RT052 Tube ECC81/12AT7-CZ

22.39 € TAD RT052 Tube ECC81/12AT7-CZ; Premium Selected; optimized for use as a Balanced Phase Driver; also delivers a powerful amplification, which ideally meets the special requirements as driver tube fo... Loe edasi

TAD RT501 GZ34 Tube

33.88 € TAD RT501 GZ34 Tube - a remake of the classic Valvo/Mullard GZ 34 rectifier valve, high power, upgrades 5U4GB.

TAD RT504 5U4GB Rectifier Tube

28.32 € The 5U4GB has a straight glass envelope. This this type has been widely used in US-made guitar amplifiers of the 1950s till the 70s

TAD RT506 Tube EZ81 6CA4

22.87 € TAD RT506 Rectifier Tube; TAD EZ81/6CA4 Premium Selected, The rectifier tube for 6.3V filament. Used in smaller, mostly european made vintage amps.

TAD RT6922 Tube 6922; E88CC

37.51 € The TAD-6922/ECC88CC is the high-end version of the ECC88 or 6DJ8. Selected for perfect balanced audio output and lowest noise. The 6922 is used worldwide from demanding hifi amplifier manufacturer... Loe edasi

TAD Solid State Rectifier

19.97 € TAD RT515; solid state rectifier, replaces 5U4G; GB;5AR4; 5Y 3 tube rectifiers

the t.bone 12AX7B

11.25 € the t.bone 12AX7B, Valve for the t.bone microphones.

Tung-Sol NN099-G Tube 12AX7/ECC803S

35.09 € Tung-Sol tube 12AX7/ECC803S - gold pins, re-issue of vintage classic

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