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Bugera 12AX7B

12.10 € Bugera 12AX7B, preamp valve, warm sound (1 piece)

Bugera 5881

19.36 € Bugera 5881, power tube, 1 pcs

Bugera 5U4

18.15 € Bugera 5U4, rectifier valve

Bugera 6550B

39.93 € Bugera 6550 B, power tube

Bugera 6550B-6

221.00 € Bugera 6550B-6, matched, 6 tubes

Electro Harmonix 12AT7 EH

18.03 € Electro Harmonix 12AT7 EH, vacuum tube

Electro Harmonix 12AU7EH

20.45 € Electro Harmonix 12AU7EH, tube, Russia, strong and powerful, very quiet

Electro Harmonix 6V6GT

22.87 € Electro Harmonix 6V6GT - power valve.

Genalex Gold Lion 12AX7

48.34 € Genalex Gold Lion 12AX7, Original Genalex Gold Lion ECC83/B759 (12AX7) tubes are considered among the best 12AX7 types ever made, hard to find and expensive, They exhibit a large detailed sound, Th... Loe edasi

Groove Tubes 12AT7

31.46 € Groove Tubes 12AT7 Preamp Tube, Phase reversal tube in US amps

Groove Tubes 12AX7C

31.46 € Groove Tubes 12AX7C Preamp Valve - high gain valve, warm rich tone, smooth treble.

Groove Tubes 12AY7

35.09 € Groove Tubes 12AY7 Preamp Tube, lo gain tube, lo noise

Groove Tubes 6V6-C Duett

56.87 € Groove Tubes 6V6-C Duett Power Tubes Duett (2 Tubes) matched, High Gain

Groove Tubes 6V6-R Duett Medium

75.03 € Groove Tubes 6V6-R Duett Power Tubes Duett (2 Tubes) matched, Medium

Groove Tubes ECC83S

31.46 € Groove Tubes ECC83S Tube - medium gain preamp tube. Pronounced bass, harmonic gain.

Mesa Boogie 5U4GB

52.03 € Mesa Boogie 5U4GB - rectifier valve.

Mesa Boogie Tube 12AT7

35.09 € Mesa Boogie 12AT-7, tube for driver and reverbunit

Mesa Boogie Tube SPAX 12AX7

42.35 € Mesa Boogie 12 AX7//SPAX7A - pre-amp input tube with magnetic shield (may be removed in no case!)

Ruby Tubes 12AT7C

21.54 € Ruby Tubes 12AT7C, high grade New 12AT7.

Ruby Tubes 12AU7C

21.54 € Ruby Tubes 12AU7C, high grade driver tube, quiet, well balanced.

Ruby Tubes 12AX7AC5 HG

19.97 € Ruby Tubes 12AX7AC5 HG, the most popular Ruby Preamp tube, High grade, low noise, sweet warm sound, very low microphonics and mechanical noise.

Ruby Tubes 12AX7AC5 HG+

24.20 € Ruby Tubes 12AX7AC5 HG+, highest quality, warm tone, creamy overdrive, developed as a driver tube for the V1 position, low noise, very low microphonics and mechanical noise.

Ruby Tubes 12AX7WBC HG

19.24 € Ruby Tubes 12AX7WBC HG, open sounding 12AX7WB tube.

Ruby Tubes 12AX7WBC HG+

24.08 € Ruby Tubes 12AX7WBC HG +, highest grade, developed as a driver tube for the V1 position, open warm sound

Ruby Tubes 12BH7C

26.62 € Ruby Tubes 12BH7C, replacement for any 12BH7

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