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AMA Verlag Die AMA-Posaunenschule

36.24 € AMA Verlag The AMA-Posaunenschule: school for trombone, by Jürgen Kessler, revised new edition, ISBN 9783899221732, ISMN 9790501551262, AMA 610245, A4, 220 pages, incl.CD with backing tracks, in G... Loe edasi

Carl Fischer Arban Method for Trombone

41.08 € Carl Fischer Arban Method for Trombone, by Jean Baptiste Arban: Tuition method for Valve,Slide and Baritone Trombones (bass clef), edited by Charles Randall,Simone Mantia and Alan Raph, ISBN 978082... Loe edasi

Charles Colin Music Lip Flexibilities Trombone

33.28 € Charles Colin Music Advanced Lip Flexibilities: Studies for trombone, Complete edition, Progressive in difficulty, Warm-Ups, Lip trills, Spreading intervals, Expanding range, A4 format, 80 pages, C... Loe edasi

De Haske Écouter Trombone 1

29.03 € De Haske Écouter,Lire & Jouer Trombone 1: school for trombone in bass clef, by Jean Castelain and Michiel Oldenkamp, edited by Jilt Jansma, for individual and group lessons, ISBN 9789043107525... Loe edasi

De Haske Hören Lesen Schule 1 Pos C

26.61 € De Haske Hören Lesen & Spielen Schule Vol.1: beginner school for trombone C (bass clef), by Michiel Oldenkamp and Jaap Kastelein, edited by Jilt Jansma, DHP 0991754-400, ISBN 9789043105903, A4... Loe edasi

Editions Bim Warm Ups & Technical Trombone

32.79 € Editions Bim Warm Ups & Technical Routines Trombone: 11 warm-up exercises and technical routines for the trombone, by Branimir Slokar, in standard notation, intermediate level of difficulty, BI... Loe edasi

Editions Marc Reift Method For Bass Trombone

54.09 € Editions Marc Reift School for Bass Trombone: by Branimir Slokar and Armin Bachmann, intermediate level of difficulty, with fingering chart for fourth and third valve, EMR 115, EAN 9990050782241, A... Loe edasi

Hage Musikverlag Posaunen Fuchs 1

26.50 € Hage Musikverlag Posaunen Fuchs 1: school for trombone, by Stefan Dünser and Bernhard Kurzemann, with solo pieces,duets and studies, with exercises on technique,flexibility and embouchure, EH 3811... Loe edasi

Hage Musikverlag Posaunen Fuchs 2

26.50 € Hage Musikverlag Posaunen-Fuchs 2: part 2 of the trombone school, by Stefan Dünser and Bernhard Kurzemann, ISBN 9783866260825, EH 3812, DIN A4, spiral binding, 112 pages, incl.QR codes to play-alo... Loe edasi

International Music Company Kopprasch 60 Studies 1 Tromb

21.18 € International Music Kopprasch 60 Studies for Trombone1 : etudes 1 to 34 for trombone, by Georg Kopprasch, in standard notation, ISMN 9790220412189, IMC 1544, A4, 27 pages

Musikverlag Heinlein Praxis Posaune

18.15 € Musikverlag Heinlein, Practice Trombone, new edition 2018, Instrumental course D1, D2, D3, edition in bass clef, publisher's number: WH -930, A4, 39 pages, in German language

Musikverlag Rundel Basics Plus Bass Clef

36.30 € Musikverlag Rundel Basics Plus Bass Clef: Studies for 1 or 2 brass instruments in the bass clef (trombone,euphonium,tuba), by Wolfgang Guggenberger, MVSR3009, ISBN 9783980899130, A4, spiral binding... Loe edasi

Musikverlag Schweizer Posaune Lernen leicht gemacht1

27.59 € Musikverlag Schweizer Posaune Lernen Leicht Gemacht Vol.1, By Andreas Mössinger and Robert Schweizer: Beginner's method for trombone, A4 format, Spiralbinding, ISBN 978-3-9813440-3-5, Correspondin... Loe edasi

Richard Stegmann Elementarschule für Zugposaune

26.02 € Richard Stegmann Elementarschule für Zugposaune: method for trombone or baritone, by Richard Stegmann, in standard nota tion, STEG4, ISBN 9990050249522, A4, 124 pages, in German an d English language

Schott Die Bläserbande Trombone

23.60 € Schott Die Bläserbande Trombone: School for class and group lessons with wood and brass players, by Bernhard Gortheil, For children of primary school age, Numerous exercises on approach, posture, ... Loe edasi

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