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Berklee Press Hip-Hop Production

36.78 € Berklee Press Hip-Hop Production, Reference Book, Hip-Hop Production - Inside the Beats: Reference Book on the Production of Hip-Hop Tracks, By Prince Charles Alexander, ISBN 9780876392119, publis... Loe edasi

Bjooks Patch & Tweak With Moog

51.67 € Bjooks Patch & Tweak With Moog, Technical literature on synthesizers, By Kim Bjørn, Over 100 tips for patch and sound design, Over 30 interviews with artists and makers, Timeline of Moog in... Loe edasi

Bjooks Push Turn Move

92.27 € PUSH TURN MOVE the book, Reference book, On electronic musical instruments, By Kim Bjørn and Mike Metlay, Updated edition with more than 30 new or updated instruments, The artists, designers, p... Loe edasi

De Gruyter Audio-Enzyklopädie

151.00 € De Gruyter Audio-Enzyklopädie, Reference book for studio/recording, Reference book on recording studio technology, By Andreas Friesecke, 2nd edition, Over 850 illustrations and tables, ISBN 978... Loe edasi

De Gruyter Handbuch der Tonstudiotechnik

202.00 € De Gruyter Handbuch der Tonstudiotechnik, Reference Book for Studio/Recording, Standard work for professional recording studio technology, Edited by Michael Dickreiter, Volker Dittel, Wolfgang Hoe... Loe edasi

GC Carstensen Verlag Arbeiten mit MIDI-Files

32.60 € GC Carstensen Arbeiten Mit MIDI-Files, Reference Book, Reference book on production with MIDI, By Rob Young, ISBN 9783910098343, Format: 14.8 x 21 cm, 368 Pages, In German language, Includes downl... Loe edasi

GC Carstensen Verlag Aufnehmen wie die Profis

46.13 € GC Carstensen Verlag Aufnehmen wie die Profis, Reference Book on Studio Recording, By Bobby Owsinski, With tips and instructions on microphones and recording methods, ISBN: 9783910098404, Format: ... Loe edasi

GC Carstensen Verlag Das Mikrofonbuch

32.60 € GC Carstensen Das Mikrofonbuch, Reference Book for Microphoning, 3rd Revised edition, By Andreas Ederhof, Basics of acoustics, Technical data and its significance, Microphoning in rock, pop and cl... Loe edasi

GC Carstensen Verlag Das Tonstudio Handbuch

33.16 € GC Carstensen Verlag Das Tonstudio Handbuch, Reference Book for Recording Techniques, Practical introduction to professional recording techniques, By Hubert Henle, 5th Completely revised edition, ... Loe edasi

GC Carstensen Verlag Mastering Audio

48.59 € " GC Carstensen Verlag Mastering Audio, Reference Book, Mastering Audio, Next to art and technology, mastering is the final creative step in audio production, mastering engineers help to present mu... Loe edasi

GC Carstensen Verlag Mastern wie die Profis

42.44 € " GC Carstensen Verlag Mastern wie die Profis, Reference book on mastering, The handbook for sound engineers, By Bobby Owsinski, Sequel to ""Mischen wie die Profis"" (Art.#115197#), With comments a... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Alan Parsons' Art & Science of

73.69 € Hal Leonard Alan Parsons' Art & Science of Sound Recording, Reference Book for Recording, Techniques, processes and equipment, By Alan Parsons and Julian Colbeck, As a supplement to the DVD se... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Recording Unhinged

49.09 € Hal Leonard Recording Unhinged, Recording Reference Book, About creative and unconventional recording methods, By Sylvia Massy, ISBN: 9781495011276, Publisher's No: HL142105, Format: 22 x 28.8 cm,... Loe edasi

Meyer & Meyer Verlag Dance Music Manual

43.00 € Meyer & Meyer Verlag Dance Music Manual, Reference Book on Electronic Dance Music, Techniques and tools for electronic music production, By Rick Snoman, 3rd Edition 2014, ISBN: 978-3-8403-7652... Loe edasi

mitp Verlag Cubase Elements for Einsteiger

30.74 € mitp Verlag Cubase Elements für Einsteiger, Reference Book, Reference book on music production with Cubase, By Hans-Georg Schumann, 1st Edition 2022, ISBN 9783747503980, Format: DIN A5, 352 Pag... Loe edasi

mitp Verlag Homerecording

24.59 € mitp Verlag Homerecording, Reference Book for Home Recording, By Carsten Kaiser, 4th Edition 2018, Reference book, In German language, Basic and specialised knowledge with no prior experience nece... Loe edasi

mitp Verlag Mixing Secrets

43.05 € mitp Verlag Mixing Secrets, Reference book for home recording, 2nd Revised and expanded edition, By Mike Senior, ISBN 9783747501207, 528 Pages, In German language

Quickstart Verlag Mixing Rap Vocals

49.15 € Quickstart Verlag Mixing Rap Vocals, Recording Reference Book, Reference book on mixing rap vocals, By Carlos San Segundo, ISBN 9783940963178, 276 Pages, In German language, Includes download with... Loe edasi

Rheinwerk Verlag Logic Pro Handbuch

73.69 € Rheinwerk Verlag Logic Pro X Handbuch, Logic Pro Reference Book, Basics and advanced techniques, By Heiner Kruse, 3rd Updated Edition 2021, Hardback edition, ISBN: 9783836280143, Format: DIN A4, 1... Loe edasi

Wizoo Publishing Mix&Mastering on The Computer

12.18 € Wizoo Publishing Mixing & Mastering on the Computer, Reference book@+, Mixing & Mastering on the Computer - Thomann Special Edition, By Jürgen Drogies, Guide to computer-based mixing an... Loe edasi

Wizoo Publishing Mobile Recording

12.18 € Wizoo Publishing Mobile Recording, Reference book on mobile recording, By Kai Schwirzke, Thomann Special Edition, ISBN 9783934903746, Pocket size, In German (78 pages) and English (73 pages) language

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