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Avid Sibelius Referenzhandbuch

48.34 € Avid Sibelius Reference Manual: reference manual for all Sibelius functions, suitable for all Sibelius versions, 11 chapters on the important tasks when writing music in Sibelius, ISBN 403037500691... Loe edasi

GC Carstensen Verlag Aufnehmen wie die Profis

45.38 € GC Carstensen Verlag Aufnehmen wie die Profis, Reference book for audio engineers, a guide for miking and recording techniques, by Bobby Owinski, ISBN 9783910098404, A4, 429 pages, in German language

GC Carstensen Verlag Das Tonstudio Handbuch

30.86 € GC Carstensen Verlag Das Tonstudio Handbuch, Das Tonstudio Handbuch, introduction to professional recording, 396 pages, written by Hubert Henle

Hal Leonard Alan Parsons' Art & Science of

71.27 € Hal Leonard Alan Parsons' Art & Science of, Alan Parsons' Art & Science of Sound Recording, More than simply the book of the award-winning DVD set, Art & Science of Sound Recording, the... Loe edasi

Meyer & Meyer Verlag Dance Music Manual

42.29 € Meyer & Meyer Verlag Dance Music Manual: techniques and tools for electronic music production, by Rick Snoman, 3rd edition 2014, ISBN 9783840376528, size:19,6 x 25,4 cm, 544 pages

mitp Verlag Homerecording

36.29 € mitp Verlag Homerecording, by Carsten Kaiser, basic and special knowledge on music production, home recording, mobile / smart recording, theoretical and technical knowlegde, ISBN 9783958458192, A5,... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Ableton Live Profi Guide

36.24 € PPV Medien Ableton Live Profi Guide, by Björn Torwellen, for Ableton Live 9. Know-how for production and performance, ISBN 9783955120177, 20047213, DIN A5, 256 pages, incl.CD with video tutorials,... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Cubase Profi Guide

36.24 € PPV Medien Cubase Profi Guide – Kreativeres Musikmachen und perfekter Sound: basic knowledge for beginners and tips for experienced users, by Holger Steinbring, 7th updated edition with the new fe... Loe edasi

PPV Medien FL Studio in der Praxis

30.25 € PPV Medien FL Studio in der Praxis.The reference for beginners and professionals, by Marco Schillig. Thanks to its consistently implemented Pattern principle opened FL Studio numerous creative and ... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Keys Special mit WaveLab LE 9

18.03 € PPV Medien Keys Special mit Wavelap LE 9. With Wavelab LE 9 is the compact version of the legendary Steinberg audio processing program on the issue CD. Ideal for mastering and preparation. In addit... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Recording Magazin: Mastering

11.98 € PPV Medien Recording Magazin Extra: Mastering. Step by step to perfect sound. With 2 DVDs: The big mastering Seminar: Over 2 hours of concentrated practice and expertise for the perfect final touch... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Studio Akustik

33.88 € PPV Medien Studio Akustik: concepts for a better sound; with CD; by Andreas Friesecke; with Check lists, FAQs and Low Budget Tips; in German language

Rheinwerk Verlag Logic Pro X Handbuch

60.38 € Rheinwerk Verlag Logic Pro X – Das Umfassende Handbuch: basics and advanced techniques, by Heiner Kruse, 2nd edition of 2017, hardcover, ISBN 9783836256599, DIN A4, 1220 pages, incl.download of al... Loe edasi

Schott Crashkurs Musikproduktion

18.76 € Schott Crashkurs Musikproduktion, By Friedrich Neumann: Crash course in music production, 80 pages, Pocket book, ED 22116, ISBN 978-3-7957-0872-6, Incl.CD, In German language, Contents: Vom Grammop... Loe edasi

Wizoo Publishing Das Recording-Studio

18.09 € Wizoo Publishing The Recording Studio: Thomann Special Edition, Revised edition 2014, Guide written by Karsten Dubsch, Includes fundamentals of audio technology, Studio components simply explained,... Loe edasi

Wizoo Publishing Microphones

18.09 € Wizoo Publishing Microphones - Thomann special edition written by Andreas Hau. Types of microphones covered: dynamic, condenser & ribbon. Directional response patterns: cardioid, omni, figure o... Loe edasi

Wizoo Publishing Mix&Mastering on The Computer

18.09 € Wizoo Publishing Mixing & Mastering with the Computer: Thomann Special Edition, by Jürgen Drogies, guidebook on computer-based mixing and mastering, ISBN 9783934903739, DIN A5, 73/69 pages, in... Loe edasi

Wizoo Publishing Mobile Recording

18.09 € Wizoo Publishing Mobile Recording - Thomann special edition by Kai Schwirzke, perfect audio recordings in any location. Purchasing tips: field and handheld recorders, microphones, computer software... Loe edasi

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