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Bärenreiter Faszination Orgelimprovisation

59.90 € Bärenreiter Fascination Organ Improvisation: reading- and workbook for playing the organ, by Franz-Josef Stoiber, methodical and didactic reflections, various practical exercises for improvisation... Loe edasi

Doblinger Musikverlag Orgelschule mit Hand und Fuß 1

33.82 € Doblinger Musikverlag Organ Method with Hands and Feet 1: organ school for beginners,re-entrants and autodidacts, by Ulrike-Theresia Wegele, suitable for children from 8 years, ISBN 9783902667700, ... Loe edasi

Pankaj Publications Handbook of Harmonium

11.98 € Pankaj Handbook of Harmonium: handbook for harmonium, by Pankaj Vishal, history,anatomy,care and playing of the instrument, ISBN 9788187155980, format 13.2 x 21.4 cm, 92 pages, in English language

Pankaj Publications Learn to Play Harmonium

11.98 € Pankaj Learn To Play Harmonium: method for harmonium, by Ram Avtar Vir, introduction to playing the sitar, theory,practice,exercises,tunings,playing techniques, ISBN 9788187155225, format 18.2 x 23... Loe edasi

Schott Arbeitsbuch Organisten

29.65 € Schott Arbeitsbuch Organisten, Arbeitsbuch for Junge Organisten, By Peter Dicke: Working book for Organ players, Supplementary exercises on: Spieltechnik auf dem Manual, Pedaltechnik, Notenlesen, L... Loe edasi

Schott Kaller Orgelschule 1

29.04 € Schott Kaller Organ School 1, Ernst Kaller's organ school, knowledge of piano playing required, ED 2555-1, ISMN 9790001038218, A4 landscape format, 68 pages, In German, English and French language

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