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Voggenreiter Das große Buch für Saxophon

36.24 € Voggenreiter Das große Buch für Saxophon: school for tenor and alto saxophone, by Thorsten Skringer, all exercises also available as video via YouTube, ISBN 9783802410550, VOGG 1055, DIN A4, spir... Loe edasi

Voggenreiter Professional Saxophon

30.19 € Voggenreiter Professional Saxophon: exercise book for saxophone, by Rainer Müller-Irion, 24 play-along pieces from many musical styles, for Bb and Eb saxophone, daily exercises on scales and chord... Loe edasi

Voggenreiter Saxophon Improvisation

30.19 € Voggenreiter, Saxophon Improvisation, By Dirko Juckem: The most important scales,chords,licks and tricks step-by-step for improvisation, With pattern and warm-ups, From Rock,Blues,Reggae,Jazz,Soul ... Loe edasi

Voggenreiter Saxophone Der Komplettkurs

24.14 € Voggenreiter Saxophone Der Komplettkurs: beginners school for alto saxophone, by Ollie Weston, ISBN 9783802410239, VOGG 1023-9, DIN A5, spiral binding, 255 pages, incl. CD with play-along recording... Loe edasi

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