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Acoustic Music Moro und Lilli

26.50 € Acoustic Music Moro und Lilli.Guitar school for young beginners with CD.From Gerhard Koch-Darkow.

Alfred Music Publishing Garantiert Gitarre Lernen

28.98 € Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, Guaranteed Guitar Tutor by Bernd Bremmer - chords, rhythm and songs for beginners, includes playback CD. German language book.

Alfred Music Publishing Garantiert Konzertgit. Lernen

26.56 € Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, Garantiert Konzertgitarre Lernen, by Volker Saure, notes, technique, for beginners classic guitar, with playback CD (book German)

Alfred Music Publishing Gitarre Lernen für Kinder 2

24.14 € Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, Garantiert Gitarre Lernen für Kinder, Vol.2, Starting school for kids from 6 years,easily understandably for guitar,incl. CD, German language

AMA Verlag Abenteuer Gitarre

30.19 € AMA Verlag Abenteuer Gitarre - learn to play the guitar with Jens Kienbaum, suitable for individual or group lessons and self-study, in standard notation, fingerpicking and chords, AMA 610309, ISBN... Loe edasi

AMA Verlag Technik Moderne Konzertgitarre

36.24 € AMA Verlag Die Technik Der Modernen Konzertgitarre: detailed compendium on the basics and playing techniques of the guitar in the 21st century, by Hubert Käppel, ISBN 9783899221435, AMA 610425, A4... Loe edasi

Berklee Press A Modern Method for Guitar

38.60 € Berklee Press A Modern Methode for Guitar.A beginning,-level book presenting a comprehensive range of guitar and music fundamentals,including:scales,melodic studies,chord and arpeggio studies,speci... Loe edasi

Bosworth Anfänger Klassische Gitarre

12.04 € Bosworth Nur Für Anfänger – Klassische Gitarre: school for classical guitar, edited by Gerald Goodwin, ISBN 9790201651750, ISMN 9790201651750, BOE 7293, DIN A4, 48 pages, incl. CD with play-alon... Loe edasi

Bosworth Gitarre Spielen Lena & Tom 1

16.34 € Bosworth Gitarre Spielen Lena & Tom 1: school for classical guitar for children from 5 to 8 years, by Andreas Schumann, completely revised and expanded edition, ISBN 9783865434371, BOE 7306, A4... Loe edasi

Bosworth Gitarre Spielen Lena & Tom 2

16.34 € Bosworth Gitarre Spielen Lena & Tom 2: school for classical guitar for children from 5 to 8 years, by Andreas Schumann, completely revised and extended edition, ISBN 9783865434388, BOE 7307, A4... Loe edasi

Bosworth Gitarre Spielen Lena & Tom 3

16.34 € Bosworth Gitarre Spielen Lena & Tom 3, Gitarre Spielen mit Lena & Tom,Vol.3, New Edition ! The Children-Guitar school for group lessons by Andreas Schumann, Completely revised and expanded ... Loe edasi

Bosworth Justinguitar.com Gitarrenkurs

24.14 € Bosworth Justinguitar.com - Gitarrenkurs for Anfänger, Guitar school for beginners, by Justin Sandercoe, Die umfassendste Gitarrenschule for Anfänger, die es je gab, von Justin Sandercoe, Dieses ... Loe edasi

Edition Carisch Jouons De La Guitare

25.53 € Carisch Jouons De La Guitare, Méthode Facile Pour Guitaristes En Herbe, De Roberto Fabbri: Guitar method for children in French language, With more than 70 songs, In standard notation, Incl. Play-... Loe edasi

Edition Carisch Methode Pour Guitare

39.81 € Carisch Methode Pour Guitare, Je M'accompagne Facilement À La Guitare: Méthode d'initiation de Laurent Huet pour guitar acoustique ou électrique, Method for acoustic or electric guitar in French... Loe edasi

Edition Dux Kinderlieder begleiten

36.18 € Edition Dux Kinderlieder auf der Gitarre begleiten: How to accompany children's songs, A guitar method for parents and teachers, For nursery,school,music school,and at home, Written by Anne Hoeltze... Loe edasi

Edition Dux Play Guitar Junior

27.77 € Edition Dux Play Guitar Junior Mit Schildi, Von Michael Langer und Ferdinand Neges: Guitar method for children at the age of 6, Complete course for the first two years, 91 songs in the style of : C... Loe edasi

Emusika Gitarre lernen leicht gemacht

24.08 € Emusika Gitarre lernen leicht gemacht: Guitar school for children from 5 years, by Sebastian Schulz, 2nd revised edition, with learning videos for each exercise, ISBN 9783982096506, A4, 80 pages, i... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard First 15 Lessons Guitar

14.28 € Hal Leonard First 15 Lessons – Acoustic Guitar: school for Guitar, with 31 Songs, ISBN 9781540002914, HL00244588, DIN A4, 32 pages, in English language, with download to audio and video tracks (au... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Flamenco Guitar

22.99 € Hal Leonard Flamenco Guitar by Hugh Burns: Learn to play flamenco guitar; Incl.free audio downloads; with step-by-step lessons and authentic pieces to study and play; Content: flamenco rhythms, pic... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Gitarrenmethode 1 + CD

15.97 € Hal Leonard Gitarrenmethode + CD Vol.1: by Will Schmid and Greg Koch; for E- and Acoustic Guitar; with Playback CD; Content: Tuning, posture, Musical symbols, Tones in the first lay, Chords C, G, G... Loe edasi

Heinrichshofen's Verlag Der große Fridolin 2

18.76 € Heinrichshofen's Verlag Der große Fridolin Vol.2: guitar method for children, sequel to "Fridolin Vol.1" (#165537 bzw.#174885), different strokes, positions, barré, folk,blues,and flamenco for 1-... Loe edasi

Heinrichshofen's Verlag Die Ping Pong Gitarrenschule

24.08 € Heinrichshofen's Verlag Die Ping Pong Gitarrenschule: guitar school for all ages, by Andreas Knoblich and Philippe Loli, ISBN 9783938202784, ISMN 9790204427703, A4, N 2770, 84 pages, incl.audio app... Loe edasi

Heinrichshofen's Verlag Fridolin 1

18.76 € E Heinrichshofen Fridolin Vol.1, by Hans Joachim Teschner: guitar method for children at the age of 7, for individual or group lessons, written in standard notation, small learning steps, about 100... Loe edasi

Heinrichshofen's Verlag Liedbegleitung Fridolin

15.61 € E Heinrichshofen Liedbegleitung Zur Gitarrenschule Fridolin, By Hans Joachim Teschner: Method for classical guitar, Third volume of the "Fridolin" series, Schule für Akustikgitarre, Dritter Band d... Loe edasi

Hofmeister Verlag Der Anfangsunterricht im Git.1

13.07 € Friedrich Hofmeister Der Anfangsunterricht im Gitarrespiel. Classical guitar school for beginners from Ursula Peters. Vol.1, Classical guitar school for teachers and students for the introduction t... Loe edasi

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