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Alfred Music Publishing Fingering Chart f. Clarinet B

8.41 € Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, Fingering Chart for Clarinet, Boehm System, (French System), Trill Chart, Tone range, Embouchure, Clarinet care, Warm-Ups, English and german language

Alfred Music Publishing Fingering Chart f. Saxophone

8.41 € Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, Fingering Chart for Saxophone (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone), With Trill Chart, Top Tones, Tone Range, Saxophone Care, Embouchure, English and german language

Alfred Music Publishing Piano Chord Dictionary

14.46 € Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, Piano Chord Dictionay, Over 600 chords and voicings for all 12 keys ! Alfred's Mini Music Guides provide essential information in a convenient size, Easy-to-follow ref... Loe edasi

AMA Verlag Bassgitarren-Grifftabelle

10.83 € AMA Verlag, Bassgitarren-Grifftabelle, by Jäcki Reznicek, bass guitar chords

AMA Verlag Der AMA-Quintenzirkel

8.41 € AMA Verlag The AMA Circle of Fifths for guitar: emphasizes important harmonic interrelationships that can be easily recognized using the wheel; with fingering indications; the background color sche... Loe edasi

AMA Verlag Die AMA-Keyboard-Grifftabelle

10.83 € AMA Verlag Die AMA-Keyboard-Grifftabelle, Von Wolfgang Fiedler: Fingering chart for keyboards, 468 chords in over 1.700 chord boxes, Contents: Variant notations for chord symbols, Enharmonic change... Loe edasi

AMA Verlag Gitarrengrifftabelle

10.83 € AMA Verlag Gitarrengrifftabelle - guitar chords book written by Jürgen Kumlehn. 120 pages - German language.

AMA Verlag Guitar Chord Book English

8.35 € AMA Verlag Guitar Chord Book: Power Chords, Slash Chords, Chord Shapes, Chord-Symbol Chart, Chord-Scale Chart, A5 format, 117 pages, 610109E, ISBN 978-3-927190-61-0, In English language

Bernd Jagla Bass - Navi for Bassgitarren

24.08 € Bernd Jagla Bass Navi for bass guitars: set with 4 pieces (e ach 2-part), fingerings of the scales in major and minor, pe ntatonic and blues scale, the fingerings of the scales are t ransposable on... Loe edasi

Bernd Jagla Metal & Rock Navis

41.75 € Bernd Jagla Metal & Rock Navis. 4 Navis (3 pieces each ) for the Metal and Rock solo guitar. The most popular metal and rock scales for improvisation, all fingerings/positions directly and comp... Loe edasi

Bernd Jagla Ukulele Navi

24.08 € Bernd Jagla Ukulele. Ukulele Navi in Set 4 pieces in Keys C, G, D and a sorted. Ideal for the concert ukulele in the mood G C e A. All the important chords. German language

Bosworth Gig-Bag Buch Griffbilder

18.09 € Bosworth Gig-Bag Buch Griffbilder Gitarre in Farbe. Gig Bag Fingerprint Images Guitar in color. The handles are shown using standard notation, fingerboard photo, and fingerprints. The chords are pr... Loe edasi

Bosworth Notenchecker Banjo-Akkorde

6.01 € Bosworth Notenchecker Banjo-Akkorde. Fingering Chart. Fingering Chart for Banjo. Ideal learning tool and a reminder for your pocket. A small compartments (dimensions approximately 8.5 x 3 x 2.5 cm)... Loe edasi

Bosworth Notenchecker Blues Chords

6.01 € Bosworth Notenchecker Blues Chords, Notenchecker Blues Chords for Guitar, German language

Bosworth Notenchecker Gitarren Akkorde

6.01 € Bosworth Notenchecker Gitarren Akkorde, Notecracker Guitar Chords, Notecrackers are handy little packs of facts, tips and entertainment on musical topics., They give instant reference to things lik... Loe edasi

Bosworth Notenchecker Keyboard

6.01 € Bosworth Notenchecker Keyboard-Akkorde: Chord charts for keyboard and piano, 70 flashcards, Ca.85x3x25mm, Diverse chords on front and back of the cards, BOE7593, EAN 9783865436863, In German langua... Loe edasi

Bosworth Notenchecker Mandolinen-Akk.

6.01 € Bosworth Notenchecker Mandolinen-Akkorde. Fingering Chart for Mandolin. Ideal learning tool and a reminder for your pocket. A small compartments (dimensions approximately 8.5 x 3 x 2.5 cm) with 70 ... Loe edasi

Bosworth Notenchecker Ukulele - Akkorde

6.01 € Bosworth Notenchecker Ukulele - Akkorde, Notenchecker Ukulele-Akkorde,The notecracker ukulele chords for standard tuning GCEA, Each Notecracker contains 70 handy reference cards,printed on both sid... Loe edasi

Cyrill Harnischmacher Piano & Keyboard Basics

12.04 € Cyrill Harnischmacher Piano & Keyboard Basics. On 8 pages found in this poster than 70 piano chords, Blue scheme Bluescale in all keys, intervals, notes on the keyboard and fifths. To get begin... Loe edasi

Edition Dux Quintenzirkel

10.29 € Edition Dux Quintenzirkel - for keyboard and guitar.

Edition Dux Ukulele Chords And More

26.38 € Edition Dux Ukulele Chords And More, by Richard Kleinmaier: Fingering chart for ukulele in C tuning (GCEA), over 700 chords with chord boxes and standard music notation, cadences, jazz turnarounds,... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard All Scales All Position Guitar

11.98 € Hal Leonard All Scales In All Positions Guitar: constructing and playing guitar scales; This book gives you the tools to understand scales and to create any type of scale in any position; Topics: m... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Incredible Chord Finder

8.35 € Hal Leonard Incredible Chord Finder, Incredible Chord Finder, A complete guide diagramming over 11000 guitar chords in their most common voicings

Hal Leonard Jazz guitar chord Dictionary

15.13 € Hal Leonard, Jazz-Guitar Chord Dictionary.This chord dictionary from the assistant chair of Berklee's guitar department includes 100+ chord forms, from basic 7th chords to guide tone chords and tri... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Mandolin Chord Finder

7.26 € Hal Leonard Mandolin Chord Finder: over 1000 mandolin chord boxes; pocket size

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