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Artist Ahead Musikverlag Der Gitarrenratgeber

9.08 € Artist Ahead Musikverlag, Der Gitarrenratgeber, Der Gitarren-Ratgeber, The guitar Buying Guide, The best tips & tricks around the maintenance and adjustment of a guitar, Mark Schneider, here yo... Loe edasi

Backbeat Books Ibanez Electric Guitar Book

30.25 € Backbeat Books The Ibanez Electric Guitar Book – A Complete History of Ibanez Electric Guitars: the history of the Ibanez guitar, by Tony Bacon, with numerous illustrations and photos, with exclus... Loe edasi

Backbeat Books The Guitar Amp Handbook

33.76 € Backbeat Books The Guitar Amp Handbook: book about tube amplifiers, by Dave Hunter, with interviews (including K. Fischer, Mark Sampson and Michael Zaite), with instructions on how to make a tube a... Loe edasi

Backbeat Books The Telecaster Guitar Book

29.03 € Backbeat Books The Telecaster Guitar Book: pictures,history and collector's guide in one book, by Tony Bacon, ISBN 9781617131059, HL00333189, A4, 160 pages, in English language

Bjooks Patch & Tweak With Moog

42.35 € Bjooks Patch & Tweak With Moog: book about Moog's line of semi-modular synths, over 100 patch and sound design tips, over 30 interviews with artists and makers, 50+ years timeline of Moog instr... Loe edasi

Bjooks Pedal Crush

71.39 € Bjooks Pedal Crush – Stompbox Effects For Creative Music Making: book on effect pedals, by Kim Bjørn and Scott Harper, foreword by Steve Vai, edited by Mike Metlay, over 200 tips and tricks for u... Loe edasi

Bjooks Push Turn Move

71.39 € Bjooks Push Turn Move: The new book on electronic music instruments, Meet the artists, designers, makers and their instruments, See how they have shaped the world of electronic music, by Kim Bjørn... Loe edasi

Bärenreiter dtv Atlas Musik

29.53 € Bärenreiter dtv Atlas Musik: music history from the beginning to the present, by Ulrich Michels, one-volume special edition, ISBN 9783761821206, BVK 2120, size: 24.6 x 16.5 cm, 573 pages, in Germa... Loe edasi

Bärenreiter Mein Instrument - Das Klavier

10.83 € Bärenreiter Mein Instrument - Das Klavier, By Christoph Heimbucher: Subject book/ Picture book, Designed for students who want to obtain further information on the piano, 32 pages, A4 format, Hard... Loe edasi

Camino Verde Iconic Guitars In Life Size

212.00 € Camino Verde Iconic Guitars In Life Size: 34 life-size guitar classics, high-quality box with 34 posters, photos by Maxime Ruiz, edited by Alberto Martinez and Julien Bitoun, the story for each mod... Loe edasi

Centerstream Explorer – A Pictorial History

39.87 € Centerstream Explorer – A Pictorial History: the history of the "Explorer" traced using numerous photos, ISBN 9781574243635, HL00275748, A4, 208 pages

Centerstream Japanese Electric Guitars

41.08 € Centerstream History of Japanese Electric Guitars: book on the guitars of the 40s to 60s from Japan, by Frank Meyers, with hundreds of color photographs, ISBN 9781574243154, HL00144171, A4, 176 pag... Loe edasi

Centerstream Rickenbacker

48.28 € Centerstream Rickenbacker: complete history of the development of Rickenbacker instruments, by Richard Smith, with numerous photos and illustrations, ISBN 9780931759154, HLE00000098, A4, 256 pages,... Loe edasi

Edition Dux Instrumentenkunde Überblick

8.35 € Edition Dux Instrumentenkunde, Musik im Überblick, By Guido Klaus: The most important subject areas of organology are summarized in compact form, Scale of the most important instruments for arrang... Loe edasi

Framus Framus Vintage

64.13 € Framus Framus Vintage, Framus Vintage Instrumente Book Framus Vintage Instruments, from Hans-Peter Wilfer, Framus vintage records all between 1946 and late 1970's resulting musical instruments manu... Loe edasi

GC Carstensen Verlag Akustische Gitarren

30.86 € GC Carstensen Verlag Akustische Gitarren, Akustische Gitarren, everything over construction and history of acoustic guitars, design and construction, woods and their sounds, electronics and reinfor... Loe edasi

GC Carstensen Verlag E-Gitarren

30.86 € GC Carstensen Verlag E-Gitarren, E-Gitarren, By Paul Day,Heinz Rebellius and André Waldenmaier: Electric Guitars, Everything about construction and history, Contents: Vorwort von Paul Reed Smith, ... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Ampeg Story Behind The Sound

31.95 € Hal Leonard Ampeg- The Story Behind The Sound: The tale of this company on its fiftieth anniversary,weaving together: 1,The success story of the company found, 2,The role of key inventors and inven... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Manuel Rodríguez: The Art

21.72 € Hal Leonard Manuel Rodríguez: The Art And Craft Of Making Classical Guitars - Updated 100th Anniversary Edition, Rich in beauty, sound,and history, Manuel Rodriguez and Sons' classical and flamenc... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Martin Guitars A History

45.74 € Hal Leonard Martin Guitars A History by Richard Johnston and Dick Boak: This book covers the people, the players, and the stories of this fabled company, Originally published in 1975, the new editi... Loe edasi

Irisiana Verlag Hess Klangschalen

12.09 € Irisiana Verlag Klangschalen – Für Gesundheit Und Innere Har monie: instructions for playing the singing bowl, by Peter H ess, ISBN 9783424151930, DIN A5, 96 pages, in German languag e, from the ... Loe edasi

Ketron SD 7 Praxis Handbuch

32.67 € Ketron SD 7 Praxis Handbuch - ring binder, language: german

Ketron SD 9 Praxis Handbuch

35.09 € Ketron SD 9 Praxis Handbuch - ring binder 193 pages, language: german

Keys Experts Verlag CLP-600 Smart Pianist Handbook

35.09 € Keys Experts Verlag CLP-600er Series Handbook Smart Pianist Praxis Buch - subjects in closed work shops, 80 pages ( ring binder), simple explanation of SmartPianist App, useful hints and tricks, wo... Loe edasi

Keys Experts Verlag CLP-600 Smart Pianist PB

35.09 € Keys Experts Verlag CLP-600er Series Smart Pianist PB Praxis Buch - subjects in closed work shops, 80 pages ( ring binder), downloadlink for attended software, language: german, in english language... Loe edasi

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