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Alfred Music Publishing The Drummer´s Lifeline

19.30 € Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, The Drummer´s Lifeline, byPeter Erskine & Dave Black, The Drummer's Lifeline offers practical yet off-beat solutions to just about any drumming situation someone ... Loe edasi

Artist Ahead Musikverlag Der Gitarrenratgeber

9.08 € Artist Ahead Musikverlag, Der Gitarrenratgeber, Der Gitarren-Ratgeber, The guitar Buying Guide, The best tips & tricks around the maintenance and adjustment of a guitar, Mark Schneider, here yo... Loe edasi

Bosworth Wie die Ukulele die Welt

30.19 € Bosworth Wie die Ukulele die Welt erobert - Die Beatles, Jake Shimabukuro und die Folgen. How the ukulele conquers the world - The Beatles, Jake Shimabukuro and the consequences. The author Peter K... Loe edasi

Bärenreiter Mein Instrument - Das Klavier

10.83 € Bärenreiter Mein Instrument - Das Klavier, By Christoph Heimbucher: Subject book/ Picture book, Designed for students who want to obtain further information on the piano, 32 pages, A4 format, Hard... Loe edasi

Edition Dux Instrumentenkunde Überblick

8.35 € Edition Dux Instrumentenkunde, Musik im Überblick, By Guido Klaus: The most important subject areas of organology are summarized in compact form, Scale of the most important instruments for arrang... Loe edasi

Elektor Verlag Elektro-Gitarren Technik

34.97 € Elektor Verlag Elektro-Gitarren Technik und Sound.Reference book for electric guitars, technic and sound.(german)

Framus Framus Vintage

64.13 € Framus Framus Vintage, Framus Vintage Instrumente Book Framus Vintage Instruments, from Hans-Peter Wilfer, Framus vintage records all between 1946 and late 1970's resulting musical instruments manu... Loe edasi

GC Carstensen Verlag Akustische Gitarren

30.86 € GC Carstensen Verlag Akustische Gitarren, Akustische Gitarren, everything over construction and history of acoustic guitars, design and construction, woods and their sounds, electronics and reinfor... Loe edasi

GC Carstensen Verlag E-Gitarren

30.86 € GC Carstensen Verlag E-Gitarren, E-Gitarren, By Paul Day,Heinz Rebellius and André Waldenmaier: Electric Guitars, Everything about construction and history, Contents: Vorwort von Paul Reed Smith, ... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Guitar Method - Setup

11.50 € Hal Leonard Guitar Method - Setup, Guitar Method - Setup & Maintenance, by Chad Johnson, The Hal Leonard Guitar Setup & Maintenance Method is your complete guide to getting your Guitars to ... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Manuel Rodríguez: The Art

20.45 € Hal Leonard Manuel Rodríguez: The Art And Craft Of Making Classical Guitars - Updated 100th Anniversary Edition, Rich in beauty, sound,and history, Manuel Rodriguez and Sons' classical and flamenc... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard The Martin Archives

48.28 € Hal Leonard The Martin Archives. The Martin Archives Scrapbook provides a fascinating glimpse into the history of America's oldest and most revered Guitar maker, bringing the company's story to lif... Loe edasi

Ketron SD 7 Praxis Handbuch

32.67 € Ketron SD 7 Praxis Handbuch - ring binder, language: german

Ketron SD 9 Praxis Handbuch

35.09 € Ketron SD 9 Praxis Handbuch - ring binder 193 pages, language: german

Keys Experts Verlag Genos Praxis Buch 1

59.29 € Keys Experts Verlag Genos Praxis Buch 1 - just in german language available, simply explanation of all Genos features, subjects: handling of display, set up Genos Keyboard, personal surroundings, v... Loe edasi

Keys Experts Verlag Genos Praxis Buch 2

59.29 € Keys Experts Verlag Genos Praxis Buch 2 - just in german language available, useful tips, subjects in closed work shops, function and use of Live Controller, connection Registration Memory/Playlist... Loe edasi

Keys Experts Verlag PSR-S 975/775 Praxis Buch 1

35.09 € Keys Experts Verlag PSR-S 975/775 S 970/770 Praxis Buch 1 - subjects in closed work shops, general handling, set up S Model, Voice Select, One Touch Setting, Registration Memory, copy, saving and m... Loe edasi

Martin Koch E-Gitarrenbau Bauanleitung

33.28 € Martin Koch E-Gitarrenbau Eine Selbstbauanleitung: guide to how to construct your own electric guitar or bass guitar, solid,partially solid or semi-acoustic body, almost 600 photos,over 100 illustr... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Drum Tuning

18.03 € PPV Medien Drum Tuning - learn to tune drums. Includes CD. German edition.

PPV Medien Fretboard-Compendium

24.14 € PPV Medien Fretboard-Compendium - The construction tool for good solos, by Jörg Hartig. Scales comprehend and visualize. Fingerings made easy. Understanding the logic of the fingerboard. The Fretb... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Guitar Basics

18.09 € PPV Medien Guitar Basics, Guitar Basics, by Vilim Stößer,Michael "Doc" Schneider und Boris Hanzer:, This book teaches You all the parameters for Your own sound, Precise help at choosing and regul... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Guitar Service Manual

30.13 € PPV Medien Guitar Service Manual - by Michael "Doc" Schneider. Learn how to match your guitar to your requirements and repair and maintain your guitar right yourself. German language.

PPV Medien Piano Mythos & Technik

42.29 € PPV Medien Piano Mythos & Technik. Purchase - maintenance and repairs - tuning. By John Bishop and Graham Barker. From the contents: The functioning of the piano, unchanged successfully for 300... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Pickups Potis & Co.

30.19 € PPV Medien Pickups Potis & Co. The inner workings of electric guitar and bass, by Helmuth Lemme. Guitar electronics repair and improve. Capacitors, dummy coils, resistances, circuit variants. G... Loe edasi


90.76 € PUSH TURN MOVE the book: The new book on electronic music instruments, Meet the artists, designers, makers and their instruments, See how they have shaped the world of electronic music, Written by ... Loe edasi

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