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Emons Verlag 111 Werke d. klassischen Musik

20.51 € Emons Verlag 111 Werke der klassischen Musik, die man kennen muss. 111 Works of classical music, which one must know. By Oliver Buslau. The little night music, the ninth, or the four seasons, class... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Vintage Price Guide 2018

36.18 € Hal Leonard The Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide 2018: Reference on the values of vintage and collectible instruments, Compiled using critical research and analysis, With information on... Loe edasi

Hey!blau Jetzt erst recht Labelgründung

16.88 € Hey!Blue Jetzt erst recht!Labelgründung 2.0, By Thomas Mühlhoff,, In today's time, the need for large is record labels-at least from the perspective of many musicians no longer so clear, why can ... Loe edasi

Kolonko Books Bandologie

30.13 € Kolonko Books Bandologie - How to lead your band to success by Nils Kolonko. Collected knowledge for success in music business, realizable tips for direct marketing. Over 50 examples from the pract... Loe edasi

Kolonko Books Bandologie 111 Marketing

30.13 € Kolonko Books Bandologie 111 Marketing, Bandologie - 111 Marketing-Ideen für deine Band, By Nils Kolonko: 111 marketing ideas for musicians and bands, With practical examples and instructions, Tip... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Musikrecht - Die Antworten

36.24 € PPV Medien Musikrecht - Die Antworten, Musikrecht - Die Antworten, 7th edition, information for musicians, authors, publishing houses, producers, the answers and connections in the music economy (G... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Selbstvermarktung für Musiker

30.13 € PPV Medien Selbstvermarktung für Musiker - self-marketing for musicians, achieve success without a record contract. German language.

Rheinwerk Verlag Play! Handbuch for YouTuber

24.08 € Rheinwerk Verlag Play! The Handbook for YouTuber, By Christine Henning,Hendrik Unger and Anne Unger: All important information to make a successful YouTube channel from a mere idea, Pocket book, 25... Loe edasi

Wiley-Vch Erfolgreich im Musikbusiness

24.19 € Wiley-Vch Erfolgreich im Musikbusiness for Dummies, Successful in the music business for Dummies, from Christoph A.G.Small. This practical book illuminates all aspects of the music business - from ... Loe edasi

Wiley-Vch Songwriting for Dummies

24.19 € Wiley-Vch Songwriting for Dummies, Songwriting for Dummis, by Jim Peterik, Dave Austin und Cathy Lynn. Grammy winner Jim Peterik and his co-authors will help you with many examples and exercises in... Loe edasi

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