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Acoustic Music Books Harmonielehre verstehen 1

30.13 € Acoustic Music Books Harmonielehre endlich verstehen!: introduction to music theory for guitarists, by Wolfgang Meffert, paperback, ISBN 9783869470962, AMB3096, DIN A5, 168 pages, in German languag... Loe edasi

Acoustic Music Books Harmonielehre verstehen 2

30.13 € Acoustic Music Books Harmonielehre endlich verstehen 2 – Jenseits von Dur und Moll: part 2 of harmony for guitar, by Wolgang Meffert, ISBN 9783869473215, ISMN 9790502471217, AMB 3121, 215 pages, i... Loe edasi

Advance Music Aebersold II-V7-I Verbindung

30.19 € Advance Music Jamey Aebersold Die II-V7-I Verbindung: Volume 3, by Jamey Aebersold, for all instruments, textbook about the II-V7-I progression, with pattern and exercises, in all keys, ISMN 979-0-... Loe edasi

AMA Verlag Der AMA-Quintenzirkel

8.41 € AMA Verlag The AMA Circle of Fifths for guitar: with fingering indications, AMA 610325, ISBN 9783899220636, ISMN 9790501550074, ca.20x20cm

AMA Verlag Die neue Harmonielehre I

24.14 € AMA Verlag Die Neue Harmonielehre I: a musical workbook on harmonics for classic music,rock,pop and jazz, by Frank Haunschild, ISBN 9783927190009, ISMN 9790700136000, AMA 610101, A4, 150 pages, in ... Loe edasi

AMA Verlag Die neue Harmonielehre II

32.61 € AMA Verlag Die Neue Harmonielehre II: workbook on harmonic theory in classical music,rock,pop and jazz, Vol.2 of "Die Neue Harmonielehre I", by Frank Haunschild, ISBN 9783927190085, ISMN 9790700136... Loe edasi

AMA Verlag Die Rhythmiklehre

30.19 € AMA Verlag Die Rhythmiklehre: workbook on rhythmics for instrumentalists,singers and dancers in classical,rock,pop and jazz, by Eddy Marron, ISBN 9783927190016, ISMN 9790700136604, AMA 610102, pape... Loe edasi

AMA Verlag Praxis Harmonielehre

27.77 € AMA Verlag Die Neue Harmonielehre – Praxis Zu Band I und Band II: practical workbook for "Die Neue Harmonielehre Vol.I" and "Die Neue Harmonielehre Vol.II", by Frank Haunschild, with 100 exercises... Loe edasi

AMA Verlag Rock & Jazz Harmony

48.34 € AMA Verlag Rock & Jazz Harmony - Die Klangwelt der Rock- und Jazzmusik verstehen: textbook on rock and jazz harmonics for beginners and advanced learners, by Mathias Löffler, AMA 610508, ISBN ... Loe edasi

Axel Räder/Maria Evers Noten lesen leicht gelernt

10.77 € Axel Räder/Maria Evers Noten lesen leicht gelernt: 77 puzzles and exercises on the subject of reading sheet music, for all ages, ISBN 9783000515132, A4, 32 pages, in German language

Berklee Press The Berklee Book Jazz Harmony

34.97 € Berklee Press The Berklee Book of Jazz Harmony: the method as taught at the Berklee College of Music, by Joe Mulholland and Tom Hojnacki, for all instruments, ISBN 9780876391426, HL00113755, A4, 26... Loe edasi

Bosworth Notenchecker Musiktheorie

6.66 € Bosworth Notenchecker Musiktheorie: "music theory to go", compartments with 70 cards, dimensions approx.85x3x25mm, different theory topics on front and back side, BOE7545, EAN 9783865436481, in Ger... Loe edasi

Breitkopf & Härtel ABC Musik

12.71 € Breitkopf & Härtel ABC Musik: music theory, by Wieland Ziegenrücker, updated and extended new edition 2009, 446 teaching and learning sets, ISBN 9783765103094, BV 309, paperback, 360 pages, i... Loe edasi

Bärenreiter De La Motte Harmonielehre

19.97 € Bärenreiter Diether de la Motte Harmonielehre: a music history in examples, by Diether de la Motte, ISBN 9783761821152, BVK 2115, 290 pages, in German language

Centerstream Chord Bingo

21.42 € Centerstream Chord Bingo, by Dick Sheridan: game-like method for learning how chords are made and played, for players of all chord instruments- guitar,banjo,ukulele,mandolin,keyboard,and others, ex... Loe edasi

Edition Conbrio Musikdetektive 1

17.91 € Edition Conbrio Musikdetektive Band 1: workbook on the basics of music theory, by Holger Spegg, for instrumental,theory and group lessons, ages 10 and up, with practical exercises and games, exerci... Loe edasi

Edition Dux Das große Notenrätselbuch

15.49 € Edition Dux Das große Notenrätselbuch: for bass and tenor clef, by Guido Klaus, playful learning of music notation, with many illustrations and puzzles, ISBN 9783868493399, ISMN 9790500175124, D ... Loe edasi

Edition Dux Elementare Musiklehre

15.49 € Edition Dux Elementare Musiklehre und Grundlagen der Harmonielehre: revised new edition 2020, by Christian Nowak, accompanying book for modern music lessons with practical exercise examples, ISBN 9... Loe edasi

Edition Dux Kleine Notenrätsel Violin+Bass

8.23 € Edition Dux Das kleine Notenrätselbuch: 26 puzzles in treble and bass clef for beginners, by Guido Klaus, ISBN 9783868492798, ISMN 9790500174332, D 1044, 18 x 25 cm, 40 pages, in German language

Edition Dux Musiklehre 2 Überblick

8.35 € Edition Dux General Music Theory 2, Musik im Überblick, by Guido Klaus: The most important subject areas of general music theory summarized in compact form, A4 format, 6 pages, Laminated folded ca... Loe edasi

Edition Dux Quintenzirkel

10.29 € Edition Dux Quintenzirkel: circle of fifths for piano,keyboard and guitar, with all keys and cadences in major and minor, with fingerings, by Uwe Sieblitz, ISBN 9783934958029, ISMN 9790500171768, D... Loe edasi

Edition Dux Smart Practicing

33.64 € Edition Dux Smart Practicing – Ein Improvisationskurs for alle Instrumente im Treble Clef: Textbook on improvisation, by Christian Tschuggnall and Markus Ehrlich, ISBN 9783868493245, ISMN 97905001... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard How To Play From A Real Book

28.56 € Hal Leonard How to Play from a Real Book: textbook for making music with lead sheets, by Robert Rawlins, ISBN 9781617803550, HL00312097, DIN A4, spiral binding, 128 pages, in English language

Hal Leonard Jazz B-Flat Edition

35.70 € Hal Leonard Jazz Session Trainer: The Woodshedder's Practice Kit Bb Edition, by Layy Dunlap, Jazz Session Trainer is the ideal resource for those players who want to hone their improvising skills, ... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Jazz Theory & Workbook

28.56 € Hal Leonard Jazz Theory & Workbook: Workbook on jazz theory and improvisation for all instruments, with many examples and exercises, by Etienne Guéreau and Lilian Dericq, ISBN 9781495062001, H... Loe edasi

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