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Backbeat Books Vintage Synthesizers

44.65 € Backbeat Books Vintage Synthesizers: overview of the world of the synthesizer from 1962 to today, 2nd edition, by Mark Vail, over 200 photos, interviews with Bob Moog and Alan R. Pearlman, ISBN 978... Loe edasi

Bjooks Patch & Tweak

71.39 € Bjooks Patch & Tweak – Exploring Modular Synthesis: The new book about modular synths,their makers,and masters, written by Kim Bjørn and Chris Meyer, foreword by Suzanne Ciani, edited by Paul... Loe edasi

Mach5ive Synthesizer Secrets

36.18 € Mach5ive Ultimate Artists Synthesizer Secrets: reference book on synthesizer sound design with Massive X, by Oliver von Wieding (Jaciriot), sound design techniques, with exclusive interviews with S... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Synthesizer

35.09 € PPV Medien Synthesizer – So funktioniert elektronische Klangerzeugung: overview of the parameters for generating a synthesizer sound, by Florian Anwander, 10th edition, ISBN 9783941531703, A5, har... Loe edasi

SynMag Verlag A Guide To Modular Worlds

36.29 € SynMag Verlag A Guide To Modular Worlds – Use synthesizers for more personal creativity: book about modular systems and synthesizers, by Rolf-Dieter Lieb and Ulf Kaiser, illuminating the different... Loe edasi

SynMag Verlag SynMag International 2021

11.50 € SynMag Verlag SynMag International 2021: Magazine about synthesizers, special issue 2021, ISBN 9783000679872, A4, 89 pages, in English language

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