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GC Carstensen Verlag Das PA Handbuch

34.49 € GC Carstensen, Das P.A.Handbuch, By Frank Pieper: PA handbook, Practical introduction to professional public address systems, Incl.CD with audio examples, A5 format (pocket book), 467 Seiten, ISBN ... Loe edasi

GC Carstensen Verlag Mastern wie die Profis

41.75 € GC Carstensen Verlag Mastern wie die Profis: Reference book for mastering, by Bobby Owsinski, A systematic introduction to the art of music mastering, sequel to "Mischen wie die Profis", ISBN 97839... Loe edasi

GC Carstensen Verlag Mischen wie die Profis

45.38 € GC Carstensen Mischen Wie Die Profis – Das Handbuch Für Toningenieure: 2nd revised edition, by Bobby Owinski, introduction to the basics of mixing, 24 interviews with renowned sound engineers, IS... Loe edasi

mitp Verlag Live mischen

24.19 € mitp Verlag Live mischen, by Eike Hillenkötter, 2nd edition 2018, Practical knowledge for sound engineers and musicians, basics for mixing live performances, 555 questions for self-analysis, inter... Loe edasi

mitp Verlag Mixing Secrets

42.34 € mitp Verlag Mixing Secrets: Mixing music in the home studio, 2nd revised and expanded edition, by Mike Senior, professionally editing and arranging recordings, tips on the right equipment, tips and... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Mechanik Veranstaltungstechnik

54.45 € PPV Medien Mechanik in der Veranstaltungstechnik – Grundlagen, Rechenanleitungen, Anwendungsbeispiele: 6th edition, by Michael Lück, standard work for training as a specialist in event technology... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Mixing Workshop 2.0

39.93 € PPV Medien Mixing Workshop 2.0, by Uli Eisner and Uli Hoppert: instructional guide for PA and homerecording, ISBN 9783955120115, 20047121, A5, 199 pages, incl.2 CDs with sound examples, in German l... Loe edasi

Wizoo Publishing Behringer X32 Guide

11.98 € Wizoo Publishing Behringer X32 Guide: Behringer X32 in practice, Product guide, Thomann Special Edition, Well prepared for all your mixing tasks: This guide deepens your knowledge and gives practic... Loe edasi

Wizoo Publishing Ratgeber Beschallung und PA

18.03 € Wizoo Publishing Sound Reinforcement and PA Guidebook: Thomann Special Edition, by Oliver Holzwarth, live sound reinforcement simply explained, fundamentals of acoustics, the components of a PA in ... Loe edasi

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