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Cajon-Direkt Cajon (DVD)

28.92 € Cajon-Direkt Cajon (DVD) - tutor for beginners and advanced players. In eight chapters Mr. Platzer will show you how to play not only the basic rhythms on the cajon but also more sophisticated and ... Loe edasi

Drumport World Percussion 1 Framedrums

36.18 € Drumport Worldpercussion 1 Framedrums, By David Kuckhermann: Instructional DVD for beginning framedrum players, From basic strokes to rolls,fingersnaps and split-hand techniques, Slowmotion and clo... Loe edasi

Drumport World Percussion Complete Cajon 1

36.18 € Drumport World Percussion Complete Cajon 1 by David Kuckhermann. Starting from the very basics. Systematic exercise sequences to develop your technique. A collection of traditional rhythms from spa... Loe edasi

DVD Lernkurs Ruf der Djembe

47.19 € DVD Lernkurs Ruf der Djembe - Djembe spielen for Einsteiger - language: german, comprehensive video training course on video dvd for dvd player and compatible devices, djembe learning made easy, wa... Loe edasi

Voggenreiter Pitti Hecht`s Percussion DVD

12.04 € Voggenreiter, Pitti Hecht`s Percussion DVD, Here,internationally reknowed percussionist Pitti Hect introduces you to more than 160 percussion instruments,their playing techniques ans special sound ... Loe edasi

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