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Roadrock International Jam with Gary Moore

42.23 € " Roadrock International Jam with Gary Moore, Instructional DVD Set for Electric Guitar, With 7 songs by Gary Moore, By Jamie Humphries, 2 DVDs with video course and CD with play-along recordings i... Loe edasi

Roadrock International Shred Concepts

36.18 € " Roadrock International Shred Concepts by Andy James, Instructional DVD, For shred guitar with topics like alternate picking, string skipping and tapping, By Andy James, From the ""Lick Library"" ... Loe edasi

Stefan Grossman's Guitar Works Bottleneck Slide Guitar

35.82 € Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop Bottleneck Slide Guitar, Method for Guitar, Instructional DVD for Bottleneck Slide Guitar, By Tom Feldmann, Explanations on topics such as vibrato, damping of the... Loe edasi

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