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Editions Bim ASA Methode Trumpet

35.21 € Editions Bim Atmung Stütze Ansatz Methode (Tr) - method for trumpet and other brass instruments in treble clef, by Rolf Quinque. This work on minimum pressure playing is intended to show the begin... Loe edasi

Editions Bim ASA Technik Trumpet

29.77 € Editions Bim ASA Atmung Stütze Ansatz – Technik: method for a better embouchure, by Rolf Quinque, the book deals specifically with the vibrations of the lips during playing the trumpet, medium to... Loe edasi

Editions Bim Stamp Warm-Ups Studies Tr

30.37 € Editions Bim Stamp Warm-Ups Studies Trumpet, James Stamp, Warm-Ups And Studies: For Trumpet in Bb and C tuning as well as other brass instruments, In English,French and German language, Editorial n... Loe edasi

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