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Aco-Shop Brass Mysteries

18.03 € Aco-Shop. Andre Carol Brass Mysteries, Reference book for trumpet players. German language. ISMN M-50194-103-2, 55 pages

Aco-Shop Höhe-Kraft-Ausdauer-Flexibilit

21.66 € Aco-Shop Übungen zum Aufbau von: Höhe-Kraft-Ausdauer-Flexibilität-Sicherheit-Ton. Exercises for building: height-strength-endurance-flexibility-security tone. By Ralf Willing. Spiarl Binding. Ge... Loe edasi

Alfred Music Publishing Vizzutti Trumpet Method 1

32.61 € Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, Vizzutti Trumpet Method 1, Allen Vizzutti Trumpet Method 1 Technical Studies: this comprehensive new trumpet method provides a fantastic assortment of all-new intermed... Loe edasi

Belwin Breeze Easy Vol.1 Trumpet

13.25 € Belwin, Breeze Easy, Method Vol.1, For Trumpet, By John Kinyon: The Breeze-Easy Series features instrumental methods for individual and group instruction, Created by John Kinyon and Valentine Anzal... Loe edasi

Billaudot Editeur Arban Grande Méthode Trumpet

52.64 € Billaudot Editeur Arban Grande Methode Trumpet, J.B.Arban, Grande Methode Complete, Trilingue: The complete tutor, For trumpet,cornet,flugehorn and saxhorn, Enlarged and revised by Maurice Andre an... Loe edasi

Bläser Schulen Verlag Gemeinsam Lernen Trumpet

21.12 € Bläser Schulen Verlag Gemeinsam Lernen & Spielen. Complete School for Trumpet and Wind Section School. Volume 1. For student from 3. class. german language. Puplisher number: 115-008, 72 pages

Boosey & Hawkes Arban Cornet Method

37.51 € Boosey & Hawkes J.B.Arban Cornet Method: Complete edition, Also popular for all brass instruments in treble clef, Everything from basic exercises to advanced solos, A4 format, 268 pages, BH 270... Loe edasi

Carl Fischer Clarke Technical Studies Tr

26.02 € Carl Fischer Clarke Technical Studies Tr, ByHerbert Lincoln Clarke: Technical studies for Trumpet (Cornet), How to conquer any technical difficulties, Concentration on technique, In English,French ... Loe edasi

Charles Colin Music Lip Flexibilities Trumpet

30.19 € Charles Colin Music Advanced Lip Flexibilities (Tr) - studies for trumpet (advanced). In English language

De Haske Écouter Trompette 1

27.23 € De Haske Écouter,Lire & Jouer, Trompette Vol.1: Method for trumpet in Bb tuning, Adapted for private and group lessons, Including many songs in the styles of Pop,Rock,Swing,And many more, With... Loe edasi

De Haske Fitness for Brass

22.99 € De Haske Fitness for Brass - training exercises for brass instruments, basic exercises for advanced trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn. German language.

De Haske Hören Lesen Schule 1 Tr

25.41 € De Haske Hören Lesen & Spielen Schule Vol. 1 - trumpet method, for Trumpet in Bb tuning, includes CD.

De Haske Hören Lesen Schule 2 (Tr)

25.41 € De Haske Hören, Lesen & Spielen Schule Vol. 2 For Trumpet in Bb: school for trumpet Vol. 2, incl. CD

De Haske Hören Lesen Schule 3 (Tr)

25.41 € De Haske Hören, Lesen & Spielen Schule Vol. 3 For Trumpet: school for trumpet Vol. 3, incl. CD

De Haske Hören Lesen Schule Gesamt (Tr)

50.82 € De Haske Hören, Lesen & Spielen Schule Gesamtausgabe For Trumpet: school for trumpet; complete edition for beginners incl. 3 CD`s + bonus CD (in German language)

Dreipunkt Trompetenschule

9.56 € Dreipunkt Trompetenschule, Trumpet school, construction accessories, tuning, handling and fingering chart of the trumpet, With this information board the basis is laid, printed on both sides, DIN A... Loe edasi

Editions Bim ASA Methode Trumpet

35.21 € Editions Bim Atmung Stütze Ansatz Methode (Tr) - method for trumpet and other brass instruments in treble clef, by Rolf Quinque. This work on minimum pressure playing is intended to show the begin... Loe edasi

Editions Bim ASA Technik Trumpet

29.77 € Editions Bim ASA Atmung Stütze Ansatz – Technik: method for a better embouchure, by Rolf Quinque, the book deals specifically with the vibrations of the lips during playing the trumpet, medium to... Loe edasi

Editions Bim Stamp Warm-Ups Studies Tr

30.37 € Editions Bim Stamp Warm-Ups Studies Trumpet, James Stamp, Warm-Ups And Studies: For Trumpet in Bb and C tuning as well as other brass instruments, In English,French and German language, Editorial n... Loe edasi

Flexibrass Flexitüden

15.13 € Flexibrass "Flexitüden": First exercises for the Flexibrass mouthpiece for trumpte by Michael Koch, For trumpet in Bb and C, 22 pages, flex-MK-12-001, In German language, 9 exercises: Langsame Ach... Loe edasi

FSW Verlag Trumpet Pro

47.19 € FSW Verlag Trumpet Pro – Mit Technik zur Musik: exercise concept for the development of playing technique, for trumpet,cornet,flugelhorn and tenor horn, by Gerhard Freiinger,Harald Sowa and Franz ... Loe edasi

Hage Musikverlag Trompeten-Fuchs Bd.2

26.50 € Hage Musikverlag Trompeten-Fuchs Volume 2 by Stefan Dünser: An ingenious and funny school to learn the trumpet; with CD; in German language

Hage Musikverlag Trompeten-Fuchs Bd.3

26.50 € Hage Musikverlag Trompeten-Fuchs. A trumpet school for advanced learner, from Stefan Dünser. Vol.3 ( german language)

Hage Musikverlag Trompeten-Fuchs Vol.1

26.50 € Hage Musikverlag Trompeten Fuchs Vol.1, By Stefan Dünser: The ingenious and funny Trumpet School, In German language, Step by step,beginners learn how to play the trumpet joyfully, New but also ap... Loe edasi

Hofmeister Verlag Arban Schule für Trompete

34.49 € Hofmeister Verlag, Arban Schule für Trompete, Vollständige Schule Für Trompete, By Jean Baptiste Arban: Complete Arban-Method for Trumpet (or Cornet à Pistons,Flugelhorn and Tenor Horn), Comple... Loe edasi

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