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BG A31T Swab Trumpet Lead Pipe

19.97 € BG A31T swab for trumpet lead pipe, pointed oval with 2 drawstrings, made of microfibre, lint-free, washable

BG A34 swab for Basson

32.55 € BG A34 swab for Basson, made of microfiber, very absorbent, very soft material, with two round guide weights on the drawstring, spherical weight with plastic coating to avoid scratches in the boot,... Loe edasi

BG A35 swab for Basson

26.50 € BG A35 swab for Basson, made of bamboo and silk fabric, drawstring with guide bar, weight with plastic coating to avoid scratches, lint-free, washable, handmade in France

Bob Reeves Mundrohr Swab

10.89 € Bob Reeves leadpipe swab for trumpet mouthpipes

Brillant Gold Bath

8.35 € Brillant Gold Bath, 200ml, suitable for cleaning gold and gold plated surfaces

Brillant Silver Cream

11.98 € Brillant Silver Cream, 200ml, suitable for cleaning silver and silver plated surfaces, tarnish protection

Brillant Silver Foam

10.77 € Brillant Silver Foam, 200ml, suitable for silver, silver plated surfaces and stainless steel

Brillant Silver Polish

5.97 € Brillant Silver Polish, silver polish with long-term tarnish protection, highly effective cleaning solution, long-lasting shine, universal for all silver-plated or silver objects, 125ml

Brillant Silver Protection Strip

15.61 € Brillant Silver protection strip, 8 pieces, prevents the tarnishing of silver, neutralizes the sulfur content in the air, effect up to 6 months, size approx. 18x 5cm, the strips are simply placed i... Loe edasi

Brillant Titanium & stainless steel

2.89 € Brillant Titanium & stainless steel cleaner, excellently suitable for gentle cleaning of titanium, stainless steel or glass jewelry, removes streak-free tarnishing, grease, water and dirt stain... Loe edasi

Hagerty Anti-Static Duster

13.19 € Hagerty Anti-Static Duster, ideal after general cleaning to achieve an antistatic finish and a beautiful shine, antibacterial, protects against dust deposits for up to 14 days, pearling effect from... Loe edasi

Hagerty Copper, Brass & Bronze Duster

13.19 € Hagerty Copper, Brass & Bronze Duster, specially impregnated cloth made of 100% cotton, which cleans gently and offers several weeks of antioxidant protection, antibacterial, thanks to natural ... Loe edasi

Hagerty Copper, Brass & Bronze Polish

13.19 € Hagerty Copper, Brass & Bronze Polish, polishing lotion for copper, brass and bronze, ensures long- term lustre, 250 ml

Hagerty Gold Care Set

20.45 € Hagerty Gold Care Set, consists of: HAGERTY GOLD CLEAN (order code 220531), HAGERTY GOLD CLOTH (order code 394501)

Hagerty Gold Clean

11.98 € Hagerty Gold Clean, versatile bath for yellow gold, red gold and white gold, only dive-rinse-dry, 170 ml

Hagerty Gold Cloth

9.08 € Hagerty Gold Duster - gold polishing cloth, a specially treated cotton cloth which cleans and picks up, gives new and radiant shine, instant effect, dimensions: 30 x 36 cm.

Hagerty Gold Dip 2 Liter

47.07 € Hagerty gold dip; cleaning of yellow, white and rose gold; exclusive, highly effective formula with active ingredients; guarantees no residue or damage thanks to the high dilution properties of the... Loe edasi

Hagerty High Tech Cloth

11.50 € Hagerty High Tech Cloth, soft Microfiber Cloth, scratch free, size: 40x36cm, ideal to use with Hagerty multimedia spray made in Germany.

Hagerty Jewel Dry Wipes 25 pcs

13.19 € Hagerty Jewel Dry Wipes, disposable wipes for cleaning and care of silver, gold, precious stones and jewelry, pre-cut wipes with dry impregnation for the easiest use, application: gently clean the ... Loe edasi

Hagerty Leather Care

19.97 € Hagerty Leather Care, a lanolin and glycerin formula that restores suppleness and nobility to leather, the natural carnauba wax protects against humidity and micro scratches, it cleans, nourishes a... Loe edasi

Hagerty Multimedia Care Set

22.87 € Hagerty Multimedia Care Set, consists of: HAGERTY MULTIMEDIA SPRAY (order code 416714), HAGERTY HIGH TECH CLOTH (order code 416718)

Hagerty Professional Cloth Mikrofaser

17.55 € Hagerty professional cloth, 30 x 24cm, polyester 85%, nylon 15%

Hagerty Silver Bath for professional

18.03 € Hagerty Silver Bath for professional use- suitable for silver and silver plated items. Size: 580ml

Hagerty Silver Care Polish

15.13 € Hagerty Silver Care Polish - 150ml, includes sponge.

Hagerty Silver Care Set

22.39 € Hagerty Silver Care Set, consists of: HAGERTY SILVER CLEAN FOR PROFESSIONAL (order code 394502), HAGERTY SILVER CLOTH (order code 394500)

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