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Thomann Chanterreed

5.05 € Thomann Chanterreeds for bag pipes, wood.

Thomann Mc Big Bagpipes Cocus L

195.00 € Thomann McBig Large Bagpipes - cocus wood, 28" x 12" synthetic bag, woolen cover & cords, polished bores, includes reed and cork set.

Thomann Mc Mini Bagpipe Set

35.09 € Thomann Mc Mini Bagpipe Set consists of : (Thomann Mc Mini Bagpipes - small version, playable chanter, non-operational drones. Replacement reed available (Art# 184120)) THOMANN MC MINI DUDELSACK (o... Loe edasi

Thomann Mc Mini Dudelsack

35.09 € Thomann Mc Mini Bagpipes, small version, made of rosewood (Dalbergia Sisso), playable chanter, non-operational drones, whith reed

Thomann Plastic Chanter Reed

2.96 € Thomann Plastic Chanter Reed - practice chanter.

Thomann Practice Chanter Black Wood

70.18 € Thomann practice chanter, african black wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), a very quiet flute to practice without the bag pipe (requires optional reed #184120)

Thomann Practice Chanter Set Blackwood

70.18 € Thomann exercise flute, african black wood, SET, consists of: THOMANN PRACTICE CHANTER BLACK WOOD (order code 184171), THOMANN PLASTIC CHANTER REED (order code 184120)

Thomann Sealing compound for Bagpipes

27.83 € Thomann sealing compound for Bagpipes (leather)

Thomann Tenor Bagpipe Reed

4.18 € Thomann Tenor Bagpipe Reed for bagpipe

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