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BG France A40 Stand for Clarinet

14.64 € BG France A40 Stand for Clarinet, Stand for clarinet, Unique design that allows the stand to fold flat, Can be transported in the bag between two partitions, Easy to set up and very stable, Made o... Loe edasi

Gator Frameworks Upright Stand Clarinet/Flute

20.79 € Gator Frameworks Upright Stand Clarinet/Flute, Stand for Clarinet or Flute, For clarinet and flute, Powder-coated steel construction, Non-slip stand, Dimensions (W x H x D): 132 x 191 x 132 mm, We... Loe edasi

Hercules Stands 440B Clarinet Stand

28.17 € Hercules Stands 440 B Clarinet Stand, Clarinet Stand, Can be transported in the bell of the clarinet, No individual parts, Extremely handy and easy to handle, Very easy to transport

Hercules Stands DS543B Multi Stand

39.37 € Hercules Stands DS543B Multi Stand, Multi Stand, With two pegs for flute or clarinet and a peg for piccolo, Weight: 0.7 kg, Folded size 210 x 150 mm

Hercules Stands DS561B Bassoon Stand

81.20 € " Hercules Stands DS561B Basson Stand, Stand for Bassoon and Bass Clarinet, Compact foldable, With extremely flat swivel base, Height: 67"" / 101 cm, Dimensions folded: 63 x 15 cm, Weight: 2.27 kg,... Loe edasi

Hercules Stands HCDS-640BB Flute/Clarinet

29.40 € Hercules Stands HCDS-640BB Flute/Clarinet, Stand for flute and clarinet, The spring-loaded upper pin adapts to the different inner diameters of the instruments for maximum stability, Also fits pic... Loe edasi

K&M 15060 Bass Clarinet Stand

144.00 € K&M 15060 Bass Clarinet Stand, Bass Clarinet Stand, Universal mounting bracket with adjustable inclination and width, Support base for the end-pin, Foldable, Weight: 2.9 kg, Height: 700 x 1200... Loe edasi

K&M 15222 Clarinet Stand

16.61 € K&M 15222 Clarinet Stand, Clarinet Stand, 4 Leg base for optimum stability, While transporting the lower part can be pushed into the cone and stored in the bell of the clarinet, Black plastic ... Loe edasi

K&M 15224 Clarinet Peg

11.32 € K&M 15224 Clarinet Peg, Plastic Peg for A and Bb Clarinet, Incl. Peg adapter K&M 15281, For screwing onto peg holder K&M 14301, Black

K&M 15228 Clarinet Stand

19.68 € K&M 15228 Clarinet Stand, Clarinet Stand, Extremely small and compact, Excellent stability ensured by 5 stable die-cast zinc feet, Thanks to the patented and easy to operate screw-in system th... Loe edasi

K&M 15229 Eb- Clarinet Stand

19.68 € K&M 15229 Eb- Clarinet Stand, Instrument Stand, For Eb Clarinet and Piccolo Trumpet, Plastic cone with felt ring to protect the instrument, 5 Zinc die-cast feet, Weight: 0.135 kg, Colour: Black

K&M 17741 Eb- Clarinet Peg

15.99 € K&M 17741 Eb- Clarinet Peg, Instrument Peg for Eb and C Clarinets, For cross foot K&M 17710 (art. #212772#) or cone holder KM 14301 (art. #101917#), Plastic cone with felt ring to protect ... Loe edasi

Reeds 'n Stuff Bag for Bass Clarinet Stand

28.30 € Reeds 'n Stuff Bag for Bass Clarinet Stand, Bag, For the Reeds 'n Stuff stand for bass clarinet, Made of nylon, With handle and velcro fastener, Length: 76 cm, Colour: Black, Made in Germany

Reeds 'n Stuff Bass Clarinet Stand

221.00 € Reeds 'n Stuff Bass Clarinet Stand, Bass clarinet stand, Just unfold - no screws needed, Super-light, high-strength, black anodised aluminium, Self-locking, All contact points padded with felt, He... Loe edasi

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