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Geller Blackbird Bass Saxophone 6

516.00 € Geller Blackbird Bass Saxophone 6; mouthpiece for bass saxophone; tip opening: 2,40 mm; facing length: 26 mm; chamber: oval; material: ebonite; easy blowing; powerful tone with control and intonat... Loe edasi

Jody Jazz Bass Saxophone DV 7

751.00 € Jody Jazz Bass Saxophone DV 7, Mouthpiece for Bass Saxophone, Made of metal, Tip opening: 2.79 mm, Small, staggered chamber, Targeted at saxophonists with a modern, overtone-rich sound who attach ... Loe edasi

Selmer Bass Sax S80 C*

546.00 € Selmer Bass Sax S80 C*, Mouthpiece for Bass Saxophone, Material: Rubber, Tip opening: 2.10 mm, Facing length: 30 mm, Universally applicable, Large, round sound, Distinct dynamic range, Precise res... Loe edasi

Vandoren V5 Bass Saxophone

323.00 € Vandoren V5 Bass Saxophone, Mouthpiece for Bass Saxophone, Tip opening: 2.10 mm, Facing length: Medium@+@+*Note:* Without ligature and capsule

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