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Cordier Reed Trimmer Alto Sax

75.03 € Cordier Reed Trimmer for Alto Sax - a staple of many woodwind players' cases. Easily and safely trim minute amounts of wood from the tip of your reeds to prolong their life or strengthen the tip.

Cordier Reed Trimmer Baritone Sax

78.66 € Cordier reed trimmer for baritone-sax

Cordier Reed Trimmer Bb Clarinet b

71.39 € Cordier Reed Trimmer - for Bb clarinet, Boehm cut.

Cordier Reed Trimmer Bb-Clarinet GER

71.39 € Cordier Reed Trimmer for Bb Clarinet - German cut.

Cordier Reed Trimmer Eb-Clarinet

71.39 € Cordier reed trimmer for Eb-clarinet, for cutting reeds

Cordier Reed Trimmer Soprano Sax

71.39 € Cordier reed trimmer for soprano-sax, for cutting reeds.

Cordier Reed Trimmer Tenor

75.03 € Cordier Reed Trimmer - for tenor sax/bass clarinet.

Leblanc Schachtelhalme

8.35 € Leblanc surfacer for reeds made of bamboo, 9 piece

Prestini Reed Trimmer Alto Saxophone

54.45 € Prestini reed trimmer for alto-saxophone

Prestini Reed Trimmer Baritone-Sax

54.45 € Prestini reed trimmer for baritone-saxophone

Prestini Reed Trimmer Bb-Clarinet

47.19 € Prestini reed trimmer for Bb-clarinet, with regulating screw

Prestini Reed Trimmer Soprano-Sax

47.19 € Prestini reed trimmer for sopranoo-saxophone

Prestini Reed Trimmer Tenor Sax

54.45 € Prestini reed trimmer for tenor saxophone/bass-clarinet

ReedGeek Black Diamond G4

95.60 € ReedGeek "Black Diamond" G4. The Black Diamond G4 is the latest and most advanced Universal ReedGeek to date and utilizes unique, state of the art, 100% USA alloy. Exciting features include a newly... Loe edasi

ReedGeek Bullet

137.00 € ReedGeek Bullet, effective tool for the adjustment of synthetic polymer reeds, both single and double, not to mention its effortless cut and flattening capabilities on natural cane, this precision ... Loe edasi

ReedGeek DoubleGeek Gen 2 Set

137.00 € ReedGeek DoubleGeek Gen 2 Set, implements two engineered oversized bevels allowing the user to fine tune the spines and corners with efficiency and ease. The DoubleGeek is available in our Black Di... Loe edasi

ReedGeek Plaque & Gauge Set

19.24 € ReedGeek Plaque & Gauge Set - this Set allows you to measure and locate mouthpiece facing length and note the exact position for reed adjustment. Top of plaque can also be used for general reed... Loe edasi

ReedGeek Universal Classic

78.66 € ReedGeek "Universal" Classic. The original ReedGeek, like al l ReedGeeks, is manufactured 100% from scratch, made of the highest quality USA hard alloy. The ReedGeek "Classic" impl ements the new, ... Loe edasi

Theo Wanne Complete Refacing Kit

275.00 € Theo Wanne Complete Refacing Kit, incl. Theo´s book "Basic Mouthpiece refacing" (only in English), Digital Tip Gauge, ‘Traditional’ Glass Gauge and a basic 5-piece version of Feeler Gauge set, t... Loe edasi

Theo Wanne Feeler Gauge Set

120.00 € Theo Wanne Feeler Gauge Set specialy for refacing mouthpieces, includes all sizes needed to accurately measure any mouthpiece made and has both US and Metric numbering

Theo Wanne Files and sanding Tools

71.39 € Theo Wanne Files and sanding Tools, along with the Mouthpiece Refacing Kit and Glass Surface Plate, this bundle includes all the tools you need to reface mouthpiece: 2 sanding sticks, 4 sanding bel... Loe edasi

Vandoren Reed Resurfacer with Stick

67.76 € Vandoren Reed Resurfacer with Stick - washable abrasive glass surface for fine sanding. These tools practically never wear out. The reed stick has a fine, regular grain and specially designed shape... Loe edasi

Vandoren Reed Stick

27.23 € Vandoren Reed Stick has a fine regular grain, that enables one to personalize their reeds. The shape is specially designed for the precise customizing of reeds

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