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Benz-Tec Digital Reed Strength Tester

367.00 € Benz Reeds Digital Reed Strength Tester, Measuring Instrument, Digital measuring instrument for measuring the strength of saxophone and clarinet reeds, Acuracy: factor 0.1 for precise measurements... Loe edasi

BetterSax Geeklet Reed Tool

72.58 € BetterSax Geeklet Reed Tool; tool for reed processing; effective tool to process natural reeds; for a significant increase in reed life and reliability; portable, comfortable and approved for air ... Loe edasi

Cordier Reed Trimmer Alto Saxophon

97.19 € Cordier Reed Trimmer Alto Sax, Reed trimmer, For alto saxophone, With lever

Cordier Reed Trimmer Baritone Sax

97.19 € Cordier Reed Trimmer Baritone Sax, Reed Trimmer, For Baritone saxophone, With lever

Cordier Reed Trimmer Bb Clarinet b

92.27 € Cordier Reed Trimmer Bb Clarinet b, Reed Trimmer, For Bb- clarinet, With lever

Cordier Reed Trimmer Bb-Clarinet GER

92.27 € Cordier Reed Trimmer Bb-Clarinet d, Reed Trimmer for Bb- Clarinet, German cut, With lever

Cordier Reed Trimmer Eb-Clarinet

92.27 € Cordier Reed Trimmer Eb-Clarinet, Reed Trimmer, For Eb clarinet, With lever

Cordier Reed Trimmer Soprano Sax

92.27 € Cordier Reed Trimmer Soprano Sax, Reed trimmer, For soprano saxophone, With lever

Cordier Reed Trimmer Tenor

97.19 € Cordier Reed Trimmer Tenor, Reed trimmer, For tenor saxophone, With lever

Leblanc Schachtelhalme

10.46 € Leblanc Scouring Rush, Scouring Rush, For shaping saxophone and clarinet reeds, 9 per pack

Prestini Reed Trimmer Alto Saxophone

60.28 € Prestini Reed Trimmer Alto Saxophone, Reed Trimmer Prestini, For alto saxophone, With adjusting screw

Prestini Reed Trimmer Baritone-Sax

60.28 € Prestini Reed Trimmer Baritone-Sax, Reed Trimmer, For baritone saxophone, With adjusting screw

Prestini Reed Trimmer Bb-Clarinet

57.82 € Prestini Reed Trimmer Bb-Clarinet, Reed Trimmer Prestini, For Bb- clarinet, With adjusting screw

Prestini Reed Trimmer Soprano Sax

57.82 € Prestini Reed Trimmer Soprano Sax, Reed Trimmer, For soprano saxophone, With adjusting screw

Prestini Reed Trimmer Tenor Sax

60.28 € Prestini Reed Trimmer Tenor Sax, Reed Trimmer Prestini, For tenor saxophone/ bass clarinet, With adjusting screw

ReedGeek Black Diamond G4

105.00 € ReedGeek Black Diamond G4, Tool for Reed Adjustment, The youngest member of the ReedGeek family, Improvements includes a modified length with additional weight which improves the performance, You ... Loe edasi

ReedGeek Bullet

144.00 € ReedGeek Bullet, Tool set for reed reworking, The most effective tool for the adjustment of synthetic polymer reeds, Suitable for single and double reeds, This precision allows double reed players... Loe edasi

ReedGeek DoubleGeek Gen 2 Set

144.00 € ReedGeek DoubleGeek Gen 2 Set, Tool Set for Blade Processing, Developed for double reeds, but can also be used for single reeds, The handy handle makes it easy to work the reeds, Made in the USA

ReedGeek Plaque & Gauge Set

28.17 € ReedGeek Plaque & Gauge Set, Plaque & Gauge Set for Reed Adjustment, Allows the player to quickly and effectively find the overall facing curve length of the mouthpiece to determine where ... Loe edasi

ReedGeek Universal Classic

84.89 € ReedGeek Universal Classic, Tool for Reed Processing, ReedGeek improves performance by very quickly and accurately smoothing the table of the reed (reed support), Experience the benefits of a trul... Loe edasi

Theo Wanne Complete Refacing Kit

280.00 € " Theo Wanne Complete Refacing Kit, Refacing Kit@+*Includes:*@+@+, Book ""Basic Mouthpiece Refacing"" (in English), High-quality digital measuring device, Measuring gauge (""traditional"") made of ... Loe edasi

Theo Wanne Feeler Gauge Set

122.00 € Theo Wanne Feeler Gauge Set, Feeler Gauge, Especially suitable for reworking mouthpieces, Contains all sizes needed to measure mouthpieces, With metric and inch numbering

Theo Wanne Files and sanding Tools

72.58 € Theo Wanne Files and sanding Tools, Filing and Sanding Package, Together with the mouthpiece refacing kit and the glass plate (both not included, see art. 415383) this bundle contains everything y... Loe edasi

Vandoren Reed Resurfacer with Stick

79.97 € Vandoren Reed Resurfacer with Stick, Reed Resurfacer@+The reed resurfacer is made of a washable tempered glass and features an etched surface that is nearly impossible to wear out. The reed stick,... Loe edasi

Vandoren Reed Stick

32.60 € Vandoren Reed Stick, Reed Stick, Single piece, The Reed Stick has more precise characteristics than scouring rush stems, Its shape allows the reeds to be perfectly adapted to their own requirements

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