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Dotzauer Pocket Hunting Horn 18600

179.00 € Dotzauer Bb- pocket hunting horn, 6- windings, green synthetic leather taping, only polished not lacquered, incl.mouthpiece

Dotzauer Pocket Hunting Horn 18616

242.00 € Dotzauer Bb- pocket hunting horn, 6- windings, made of brass, nickel silver rim, antlers emblem, real leather taping, with large shank for Fürst PLeass mouthpiece, incl.mouthpiece

Dotzauer Pocket Hunting in Bb "de Luxe"

227.00 € Dotzauer Bb- pocket hunting horn "de Luxe", 6- windings, green leather taping, nickel silver bell rim, clear lacquered, silver plated mouthpiece

Kühnl & Hoyer 1306 Pocket Hunting Horn 40601

220.00 € Kühnl & Hoyer 1306 Bb- pocket hunting horn, green synthetic leather taping, brass clear laquered, incl. silver plated mouthpiece

Startone SSH-15 Bugle

21.78 € Startone SSH-15 Bugle - brass body, clear lacquer, bell diameter approx. 11cm, includes mouthpiece.

Thomann Bb- Pocket Hunting Horn

30.25 € Thomann Bb Pocket Hunting Horn - 80mm bell, brass body, clear lacquer, includes mouthpiece.

Thomann Water Buffalo Horn

66.55 € Thomann Water Buffalo Horn, untreated water buffalo horn also called Tuwa from Vietnam, length ca. 43cm, weight approx. 90g.

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