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Cerveny CVBB 603-4 Bb-Tuba

5030.00 € Cerveny CVBB 603-4 Bb-Tuba Piggy, 4 rotor valves, 4/4L size, compact construction, MINIBAL- joints, nickel-silver mouthpipe, yellow brass, clear lacquered, bore: .835' (21,2mm), bell: 16.5' (Ø420m... Loe edasi

Cerveny CVBB 681-4 Bb-Tuba

5030.00 € Cerveny CVBB 681-4 Bb-Tuba - 4 rotor valves, Miniball joints, nickel silver mouth pipe, nickel silver inner/outer slides, 20.2mm bore, 400mm bell, includes silver-plated mouthpiece and case. Length... Loe edasi

Cerveny CVBB 693-4R Bb-Tuba

6581.00 € Cerveny CVBB 693-4R Bb-Tuba, 4 rotor valves, very compact, MINIBAL- joints, yellow brass - bosy, yellow brass - bell, nickel- silver mouthpipe, nickel- silver inner- and outerslides, nickel silver ... Loe edasi

Cerveny CVBB 781-4R Bb-Tuba

6375.00 € Cerveny CVBB 781-4R Bb-Tuba, 4 rotor valves, MINIBAL- joints, nickelsilver- mouthpiper, NS- inner- and outerslides, NS bell-rim, bore:20,2mm, bell:Ø400mm, length:100cm, weight:9,2kg, incl. mouthpi... Loe edasi

Cerveny CVBB 783-4R Bb-Tuba Arion

6058.00 € Cerveny CVBB 783-4R Bb-Tuba Arion - nickel silver inner and outer slides, nickel silver mouthpipe, 4x rotary valves, double ball joints, includes mouthpiece and case. Gold brass lacquered finish.

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