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Cerveny CVT 571-4 Valve Trombone

3135.00 € Cerveny CVT 571-3X Valve Trombone, Bb Valve Trombone, 4 Rotary valves, 12.4 mm bore, Bell diameter: 240 mm, Height: 1100 mm, Weight: 2.4 kg, Material: Brass, Surface: clear lacquered, Design and c... Loe edasi

Jupiter JTB700VQ Valve Trombone

1148.00 € Jupiter JTB700VQ Valve Trombone, Valve Trombone in Bb, 3 Perinet valves, Bore: 12.25 mm, Brass bell Ø: 203 mm, Nickel silver lead pipe, Stainless steel valves, Weight: 2.25 kg, Clear lacquer fi... Loe edasi

Kühnl & Hoyer 560 Valve Trombone

3293.00 € Kühnl & Hoyer 560 Valve Trombone, Bb Valve Trombone, Short model, 3 Perinet valves, Brass body, Nickel silver hardware, Stainless steel valves, Bore: 12.0 mm, Clear lacquer finish, Includes... Loe edasi

Kühnl & Hoyer Meinlschmidt Valve Trombone

5122.00 € " Kühnl & Hoyer Meinlschmidt Valve Trombone, Valve trombone, With 3 cylinder valves, Mechlidt machine, Brass body, Ø 208 mm brass bell, Gold lacquer finish, Can be combined with ""Bart va... Loe edasi

Miraphone 670 Contra Bass Trombone

8886.00 € Miraphone 670, Bb Contrabass Trombone, Bell diameter 240 mm, Valve CPU ball joint, Bore (tapered): 14.0 mm - 15.6 mm, Inner slide: nickel-silver hard chrome-plated, Mouth pipe: nickel-silver, Bras... Loe edasi

Thomann Bb-Valve Trombone

367.00 € Thomann Bb-Valve Trombone, Bb- Valve Trombone, 3 Perinet valves, Body: Brass, Bell: Brass, Ø: 204 mm, Bore: 12.30 mm, Coated with clear lacquer, Long version, Includes mouthpiece and bag, Weigh... Loe edasi

Thomann MB-20 C- Valve Trombone short

441.00 € " Thomann MB-20 C- Valve Trombone short, C Valve Trombone, Compact, short construction, 3 Perinet valves, Brass bell, Bell Ø: 199.5 mm (7.8""), Bore Ø: 12.7 mm, Weight 1.73 kg, Height: 71.5 c... Loe edasi

Thomann SL 5 Soprano Trombone

171.00 € Thomann SL 5 Trombone, Slide Trumpet, Bb- Soprano trombone, ML-bore Ø: 11.5 mm, Brass bell Ø: 120.5 mm, Brass sliders, Coated with clear lacquer, Includes case, trumpet mouth pipe and access... Loe edasi

Thomann TF-300 Junior Trombone

410.00 € Thomann TF-300 Junior Trombone, Junior Tenor Trombone, With Bb/C second valve, Dual bore diameter: 12.7 - 13.34 mm, Brass bell diameter: 200 mm, Total length: 100 cm (6 slide positions), Nickel-si... Loe edasi

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