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Amati ACL 640K G-Clarinet

2055.00 € Amati ACL 640K G-Clarinet; German system; professional model; 17 keys, 4 rings; bore 14.6mm (.575"); all Grenadilla wood nature; H-Cis trill key (lower joint); Eb-Gis lever; 3 trill keys; 4 rollers... Loe edasi

F.A. Uebel 611 C-Clarinet

1233.00 € F.A. Uebel 611 C- clarinet, grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), German fingering, 15 keys, 4 rings, 2 trills, with castors, silver plated nickel silver mechanics, narrow handle, including 2 ba... Loe edasi

F.A. Uebel 740 Bb- Bass Clarinet low C

8964.00 € F. A. Uebel 740 Bb Bass Clarinet, German System, tuning in B, tuning slide in the S- bow, 4 thumbkey to deep-going C, B1 mechanics with 2 automatic-switching duodecime key connection, 4 trills on t... Loe edasi

F.A. Uebel G-421 G-Clarinet

2344.00 € F.A. Uebel G-421 G-Clarinet, german system, grenadill wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), 17 keys, 4 rings, 3 trills, ergonomically optimized keys, undercut tone holes, Eb-lever, 2 barrels, adjustable er... Loe edasi

Oscar Adler & Co. 219 C-Clarinet

3342.00 € Oscar Adler 219 C-Clarinet, 19 keys, 5 rings, 4 rollers, 4 trill keys on upper part, duodecime-connection, auxiliary Eb key, B/C#-connection, forken-B- and forken-F-mechanism, well seasoned and lon... Loe edasi

Schreiber D-10 C Clarinet

1223.00 € Schreiber D-10 C, Clarinet with Bb clarinet mouthpiece, German system, barrel and body made of carefully selected and dried grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), 15 keys, 4 rings with a wide pro... Loe edasi

Thomann GCL-410 CG C- Clarinet

487.00 € Thomann GCL-410 CG C- Clarinet, german system, 15 keys, 4 rings, ergonomical mechanism, especially made for small fingers, completely made of a grenadilla composite material, adjustable thumb holde... Loe edasi

Thomann GGCL-417 Synthetic G-Clarinet

433.00 € Thomann GGCL-417 "Synthetic Line" G-Clarinet - German system, 17 keys, 4 rings, plastic body, adjustable thumb holder with neck strap ring, two barrels, 68mm & 70mm, nickel plated mechanism, in... Loe edasi

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