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Avolites Quartz

7815.00 € Avolites Quartz MovingLight Light Controller with up to 16 universes, 8,192 control loops, four DMX512 output lines built in, 10 submaster for cues, cuelists and chases, 12.1 "touch screen, 1 x Gig... Loe edasi

Avolites Tiger Touch II

11468.00 € Avolites Tiger Touch II, Avolites light control desk with all features of the current Titan software, including unlimited cues/cue lists/chasers, Internally processed 16 DMX lines, 4 direct DMX out... Loe edasi

Avolites Titan Mobile

3520.00 € Avolites Titan Mobile, Titan Mobile. Moving light control de sk with a maximum of 12 universes, 6144 control channels, fo ur DMX512, Output lines built in, 10 submasters for cues, cu e lists and ch... Loe edasi

Avolites Titan Mobile Wing

1740.00 € Avolites Titan Mobile Wing, Titan Mobile Wing. Faderwing to Titan Mobile Moving Light Lighting console. Connects via USB to the computer of the Titanium Mobile, or any other titanium-console does n... Loe edasi

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