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ADJ DMX Operator 384

150.00 € ADJ DMX Operator 384; 2 controllers in 1 (DMX and Midi controller); 12 Fixtures- 32 DMX channels each, 384 total channels; 30 programmable scene banks- 240 total programmable scenes; 12 programmabl... Loe edasi

ADJ DMX Operator I

142.00 € ADJ DMX Operator I - control up to 192 DMX channels, programmable (up to 240 scenes), 12x individual fixture channels, control up to 12 separate intelligent lights with up to 16 DMX channels per fi... Loe edasi


130.00 € ADJ HEXCON, 36-channel DMX controller that was specifically designed for our "HEX Series" products. Up to 6, RGBAW+UV, LED fixtures or fixture groups can independently be controlled via six fixture... Loe edasi

ADJ Link

789.00 € ADJ Link; is a 4-universe controller designed to control DMX devices with control from the dedicated Airstream LINK iOS App for iPad. LINK creates a private standalone 2.4 or 5 GHz DSSS (Direct Seq... Loe edasi


71.39 € ADJ RGBW4C IR, 32-channel RGB, RGBW or RGBA LED controller. Control up to 8 fixtures or groups, 3 user color preset, 9 Color preset/Chase programs, Color Macro playback mode, Manual RGBW intensity ... Loe edasi

ADJ Scene Setter 24

193.00 € ADJ Scene Setter 24 - conventional dimming console, 24 DMX channels, 4200 programmable scenes & 48 programmable chases (password protected), single & mix chase functions, blind & dark f... Loe edasi


173.00 € ADJ WiFly NE1, WiFly NE1. 432 channel DMX Controller with ADJ’s WiFLY Transceiver Wireless DMX on-board. (Can also be hard wired via 3 pin DMX cables), Designed for Inno Series and RGB, RGBW, RGBA... Loe edasi

Avolites Quartz

10284.00 € Avolites Quartz MovingLight Light Controller with up to 16 universes, 8,192 control loops, four DMX512 output lines built in, 10 submaster for cues, cuelists and chases, 12.1 "touch screen, 1 x Gig... Loe edasi

Avolites Titan Mobile

3805.00 € Avolites Titan Mobile, Titan Mobile. Moving light control desk with a maximum of 12 universes, 6144 control channels, four DMX512, Output lines built in, 10 submasters for cues, cue lists and chase... Loe edasi

Avolites Titan Mobile Wing

2210.00 € Avolites Titan Mobile Wing, Titan Mobile Wing. Faderwing to Titan Mobile Moving Light Lighting console. Connects via USB to the computer of the Titanium Mobile, or any other titanium-console does n... Loe edasi

Behringer LC2412 V2 Eurolight

183.00 € Behringer LC2412 V2 Eurolight; 24-channel DMX light control; Free patchable; up to three DMX channels can be assigned to one fader so it is possible to control up to 78 channels; 120 storable scene... Loe edasi

Botex ART-4

83.50 € Botex ART-4 RGBW Controller; DMX and LED control panel; Control of RGBW spotlights with DMX signal and e.g. LED strips over PWM; Output of DMX and PWM; intuitive operation through touch-sensitive b... Loe edasi

Botex ART-6 Fade

108.00 € Botex ART-6 Fade Controller; DMX control panel; Control of spotlights and dimmers with DMX signal; intuitive operation; Six storable scenes; 6 channel faders and a master fader to control overall i... Loe edasi

Botex ART-9

95.60 € Botex ART-9 RGBW Controller; DMX and LED control panel; Control of RGBW spotlights with DMX signal and e.g. LED strips over PWM; Output of DMX and PWM; intuitive operation through touch-sensitive b... Loe edasi

Botex Controller DMX DC-1224

193.00 € Botex Controller DMX DC-1224, The DC1224 is suitable for DMX light systems with a maximum of 24 channels. It offers best possible overview of the functions; therefore, it enables an easy programmin... Loe edasi

Botex Controller DMX DC-192

152.00 € Botex Controller DMX DC-192, Professional DMX Controller DC-192 for LED Spotlights, Effects and Movingheads. Control up to 12 devices with up to 16 DMX channels each. Joystick for Pan / Tilt adjust... Loe edasi

Botex Controller DMX SDC-6

53.24 € Botex Controller DMX SDC-6, The controller SDC-6 is ideal to control simple DMX devices such as PAR or dimmers. The device is powered by an AC Adapter or by battery. The AC adapter is included. Fun... Loe edasi

Botex DC-1216

120.00 € Botex DC-1216, The Scanmaster is a DMX-controller for 12 scanners with maximum of 16 DMX adresses per channel. 240 programmable scenes are available and are ready for playback by 6 complete chasepr... Loe edasi

Botex DC-2448 Light Operator

307.00 € Botex DC-2448 Lighting Console - 48-channel DMX console, 96 freely programmable and directly retrievable programs on four banks, 4600 scenes, DMX 512 standard, soft patch for all 512 channels, 3 wo... Loe edasi

Botex DC-2448 Light Operator Bundle

361.00 € Botex DC-2448 Light Operator Bundle containing BOTEX DC-2448 LIGHT OPERATOR (order code 216405), FLYHT PRO CASE FOR LIGHT OPERATOR 48 (order code 392442)

Botex SDC-16

108.00 € Botex SDC-16 DMX Controller - 16x individual channel faders & 1x master fader, 16x DMX channels, start channel can be s elected via display and buttons, DMX output (3-pin female XL R), powered ... Loe edasi

Botex SDC-24 DMX Desk

152.00 € Botex SDC-24 DMX Desk, 24-channel DMX console for 19" rack mounting, ideal for testing DMX devices or for simple applications, 24 high-quality channel faders, two displays for displaying the outgoi... Loe edasi

Botex SDC-24 DMX Desk Road Pack

232.00 € Botex SDC-24 DMX Desk Road Pack containing BOTEX SDC-24 DMX DESK (order code 457482), THON CASE FOR 3U LIGHTING DESKS (order code 246086)

Cameo Control 54

106.00 € Cameo Control 54, 54-Channel DMX Controller, For up to 9 fix tures or fixture groups, Compatible with all RGB, RGBW, RGBW A and RGBWA+UV fixtures, 6 smooth faders for Red, Green, Blu e, White, Ambe... Loe edasi

Cameo Control 6 - DMX Controller

73.82 € The Cameo Control 6 is an especially compact DMX controller with 6 channels that is perfect for controlling small lighting systems. It can be mounted in many ways and of course can also be used as ... Loe edasi

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