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DW 3700A Cymbal Boom Stand

113.00 € Drum Workshop 3700A Cymbalboom Stand, 3000 Series, vertical sinkable Boom, single telescopic, incl. Memory Clamp, doubleleg, lightweight Version

DW 5700 Cymbal Stand

158.00 € DW 5700 Cymbalboom Stand, 5000 Series, vertical sinkable Boom, dual telescopic, incl. Memory Clamp, doubleleg, heavy finish

DW 5791 Cymbal/Single Tom Stand

195.00 € DW 5791 Cymbal/Single Tom Stand, L-Arm with ball joint doublebraced ½ Diameter, additional boom arm

DW 6700 Cymbal Boom Stand

142.00 € Drum Workshop 6700 Cymbal Boom Stand, Hardware from the Retro Flush-Base 6000 Series Hardware, Flush Base Design, Cymbal Seat Adjustment, Toothless Tilter,

DW 6700UL Cymbal Boom Stand

131.00 € Drum Workshop 6700UL Cymbal Boom Stand, Ultralight series, flat-base, 6,5" babyboom arm, Cymbal Seat Adjustment, Toothless Tilter,

DW 7700 Cymbal Boom Stand

149.00 € Drum Workshop 7700 Cymbal Boom Stand, Hardware from the Lightweight Single-Braced 7000 Series, great for Jazz players or Vintage enthusiasts, features adjustable Cymbal Seats and Toothless Tilters ... Loe edasi

DW 9700 Cymbal Stand

216.00 € DW 9700 Cymbal Stand - with boom. Adjustable height (0.9-2ms). Weight: 5kg

DW 9701 Cymbal Boom Stand

208.00 € DW 9701 Cymbal Boom Stand, low model, features: toothless tilter with Techlock, adjustable cymbal seat, integrated memory locks and heavy-gauge tubing make these stands road worthy and reliable bey... Loe edasi

DW 9702 Multi Cymbal Stand

278.00 € DW 9702 Multi Cymbalstand, Doubleleg, 2 separate High, with Boom, 5kg, Dual Ratchet Boom, Quick-Release Ratchet, Mega Tripod Base, Techlock® secondary drum key locking system,

DW 9799 Double Cymbal Stand

341.00 € DW 9799 Double Cymbal Stand, doublebraced, contains 2x Dogbone, 1x Doubletomstand, 8Kg

DW 9934 Double Tom-Cymbal Stand

278.00 € DW 9934 Doubletom-Cymbalstand, 2x Omni Ball Tomholder, 1x Cymbalboomarm, 7Kg

DW 9999 TomTom Cymbal Stand

319.00 € DW 9999 Tom Tom/Cymbal Stand, single

DW PDP CBC00 Cymbal Stand

105.00 € DW PDP CBC00 Cymbal Stand, cymbal boom stand, double braced, cymbal tilter can be moved on boom arm, gearless tilter

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