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DW 3700A Cymbal Boom Stand

115.00 € Drum Workshop 3700A Cymbalboom Stand, Vertically storable cymbal boom arm, Double extendable, Memory clamp, double braced, lightweight, infinitely adjustable cymbal felt distance, Techlock security... Loe edasi

DW 5700 Cymbal Stand

173.00 € DW 5700 Cymbalboom Stand, 5000 Series, vertical sinkable Boom, dual telescopic, incl. Memory Clamp, doubleleg, heavy finish

DW 5791 Cymbal/Single Tom Stand

198.00 € DW 5791 Cymbal/Single Tom Stand, L-Arm with ball joint doublebraced ½ Diameter, additional boom arm

DW 6700 Cymbal Boom Stand

145.00 € Drum Workshop 6700 Cymbal Boom Stand, Hardware from the Retro Flush-Base 6000 Series Hardware, Flush Base Design, Cymbal Seat Adjustment, Toothless Tilter,

DW 6700UL Cymbal Boom Stand

133.00 € Drum Workshop 6700UL Cymbal Boom Stand, Ultralight series, flat-base, 6,5" babyboom arm, Cymbal Seat Adjustment, Toothless Tilter,

DW 7700 Cymbal Boom Stand

152.00 € Drum Workshop 7700 Cymbal Boom Stand, Hardware from the Lightweight Single-Braced 7000 Series, great for Jazz players or Vintage enthusiasts, features adjustable Cymbal Seats and Toothless Tilters ... Loe edasi

DW 9700 Cymbal Stand

221.00 € DW 9700 Cymbal Stand - with boom. Adjustable height (0.9-2ms). Weight: 5kg

DW 9701 Cymbal Boom Stand

212.00 € DW 9701 Cymbal Boom Stand, low model, features: toothless tilter with Techlock, adjustable cymbal seat, integrated memory locks and heavy-gauge tubing make these stands road worthy and reliable bey... Loe edasi

DW 9702 Multi Cymbal Stand

296.00 € DW 9702 Multi Cymbalstand, Doubleleg, 2 separate High, with Boom, 5kg, Dual Ratchet Boom, Quick-Release Ratchet, Mega Tripod Base, Techlock® secondary drum key locking system,

DW 9799 Double Cymbal Stand

337.00 € DW 9799 Double Cymbal Stand, doublebraced, contains 2x Dogbone, 1x Doubletomstand, 8Kg

DW 9934 Double Tom-Cymbal Stand

286.00 € DW 9934 Doubletom-Cymbalstand, 2x Omni Ball Tomholder, 1x Cymbalboomarm, 7Kg

DW 9999 TomTom Cymbal Stand

315.00 € DW 9999 Tom Tom/Cymbal Stand, single

DW PDP 700 Cymbal Boom Stand

59.29 € DW PDP 700 Cymbal Boom Stand, lightweight, Glide Tilter, double braced, anti-slip rubber feet, countersinkable boom, PDCB710

DW PDP 800 Cymbal Boom Stand

90.76 € DW PDP 800 Cymbal Boom Stand, mid weight, Glide Tilter, Quick Release cymbal nut, memory locks, double braced, anti-slip rubber feet, countersinkable boom, PDCB810

DW PDP CBC00 Cymbal Stand

108.00 € DW PDP CBC00 Cymbal Stand, cymbal boom stand, double braced, cymbal tilter can be moved on boom arm, gearless tilter

Gibraltar 4709 Lightweight Boom Stand

61.71 € Gibraltar 4709 Lightweight Cymbal Boom Stand, Low-mass double-braced tripods, height: 76cm to 144 cm, Weight: 3,20kgs

Gibraltar 5709 Cymbal Boom Stand

82.29 € Gibraltar Model 5709, Cymbal Boom Stand, double braced Stand , Three-tier stand, cast hideaway boom height adjustment,

Gibraltar 6709 Cymbal Boom Stand

93.18 € Gibraltar Model 6709, Cymbal Boom Stand, double braced Stand, Three-tier stand, cast hideaway boom with G-styled memory lock height adjustment, Extends to 61", Collapses to 30",

Gibraltar 8709 Cymbal Boom Stand Flat

103.00 € Gibraltar 8709 Cymbal Stand, Boom Version, Flat Base Series,

Gibraltar 9709-BT Cymbal Boom Stand

124.00 € Gibraltar 9709-BT Cymbal Boom Stand, Heavy duty, double braced tripod base with cast collar adjustment and Gibraltar ‘Super Foot’, Parallel bar tripod bracing, SUPER LOCK HEIGHT ADJUST Hinged hei... Loe edasi

Gibraltar 9709-TP Cymbal Boom Stand

152.00 € Gibraltar 9709-TP Cymbal Boom Stand, incl. "Swing-Nut" auto cymbal tilter, stability of double bracing with the weight of a single braced stand, two-point hideaway boom with memory lock

Gibraltar GSB-509 Boom Cymbal Stand

103.00 € Gibraltar GSB-509 Boom Cymbal Stand, Pro Lite series, lightweight version, single braced, Quick Release cymbal lock, 40cms boom arm, adjustable height from 80 to 175cms, weight: 3,1kgs

Gretsch Drums G3 Cymbal Boom Stand

90.76 € Gretsch Drums G3 Cymbal Boom Stand, gearless tilter, Gretsch Style T-Rod wing screws, white Gretsch felts, Nylon Fiber Memory Locks

Gretsch Drums G5 cymbal boom stand

103.00 € Gretsch Drums G5 cymbal boom stand,GR-G5CB, 1-1/8", 1", 3/4" tube joints with brass inserts, 4mm strong, double braced tripod, gearless rubber insolated cymbal tilter, Gretsch style T-rod wing scre... Loe edasi

Ludwig LAC35BCS Atlas Boom Stand

126.00 € Ludwig LAC35BCS Atlas Cymbal Boom Stand, Classic Series, Boom Cymbal Stand, light-weight, flat-based stand, acculite sustain feet, aerodyne Tilter

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