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G-LAB MAC 4.4 Midi Mesa Boogie

148.00 € G-LAB MAC 4.4 Midi Mesa Boogie, Midi amp controller for Mesa Boogie amps, 4 outputs, Midi in, Midi thru, Midi in phantom power, 9V DC, 1500 mA, incl. MIDI Phantom Adapter for supplying the MAC with... Loe edasi

G-LAB Midi Amp Contr. Bogner Ecstasy

189.00 € G-LAB Midi Amp Controller Bogner Ecstasy; Enables control over functions of the Bogner Ecstasy 101b Amp (Channel Selection 1-3, Boost 1, Boost 2, Fx loop, Standby) by MIDI Program Change and/or Con... Loe edasi

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