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G Lab GSC-3 System Controller

457.00 € G Lab GSC-3 Guitar System Controller - MIDI controller and switch control centre for a complete guitar setup, very easy to use and program, tap-tempo function, 100x preset memory (10x banks, 10x pr... Loe edasi

G Lab LMS-1 Line MIDI Switcher

137.00 € G Lab Line MIDI Switcher (LMS-1) is a bidirectional, passive switcher of the audio signal with galvanic separation between A, B, C, D outputs/inputs. The LMS-1 can be used as amps switcher in "one ... Loe edasi

G Lab M3S MIDI 3x Splitter

75.03 € G Lab M3S MIDI 3x Splitter Midi Splitterbox, 3x Midi Out, 1x Midi In, 9vDC Buchse, powered by a 9V power supply (not included, Item No. #409939)

G Lab M4EB Midi Extension Box

53.24 € G Lab M4EB Midi Extension Box, Extension module for the MIDI 3x SPLITTER M3S (Thomann Item No. 240506, not included) with four additional Midi outs. MIDI signal and power supply come from the M3S.

G LAB MAC 4.4 Midi Mesa Boogie

148.00 € G LAB MAC 4.4 Midi Mesa Boogie, Midi amp controller for Mesa Boogie amps, 4 outputs, Midi in, Midi thru, Midi in phantom power, 9V DC, 1500 mA, incl. MIDI Phantom Adapter for supplying the MAC with... Loe edasi

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